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Triple Goddess & Horned God Mini Stud Earrings Set

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The Horned God is considered the male counterpart and consort to the female Triple Goddess who represents three cycles of female life, (maiden, mother and crone) as well as nature, family, children, nurturing, sexuality, and the Moon. The Horned god (circle with two horns above) embodies such things as nature, hunting, the forest, and virility.

Joined, they are called the Horned Lord and Lady. These powerful symbols represent both the male and female forces of nature. Call on their protective strength by wearing this delicate pair of stud earrings as homage to the duality of life. 

Material & Size: S925 Sterling Silver. Gold and Rose Gold are 18k-plated over Sterling Silver. For pierced ears. 

We encourage you to take proper care of your talisman so that it lasts.

Here are some tips:

Store your talisman separately to minimize scratching.

Remove your talisman and put it in a safe place before showering, swimming, going into the hot tub, exercising and sleeping. 

All talismans come with a beautiful velvet pouch - perfect for storing your jewelry!

Please avoid contact with excessive sweat, lotions, perfumes and other chemicals.

Occasionally polish your talisman with a soft cloth to clean and restore shine.

Triple Goddess & Horned God Mini Stud Earrings Set

$34.80 Regular price $58.00
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Customer Reviews

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Very Misleading Product Description/Images

I’m really disappointed in the way this product was presented and sold. This “set” only includes ONE of each earring. You get 1 goddess earring and 1 horned god earring…not a pair of each like the first and second advertised image shows. By “set,” the company means “one pair of earrings, but each earring looks different.”

After I got them, I double checked the item description just to make sure it doesn’t clearly say “note: this is only one pair of earrings, not two.” I’d hate to be upset and leave a bad review on something where I had just misread/misunderstood when ordering. I didn’t misread; nowhere is it mentioned that this is just one pair of earrings. Not only that, don’t show two images of two complete pairs of earrings as the first two images advertising the product when you’re only selling 1 pair. That is so unethical and misleading.

When buying jewelry, a “set” typically means a group of items that go together, it doesn’t mean 1 pair of earrings that we can hope to get away with calling a “set” to be misleading. If this was being advertised with integrity, it wouldn’t have included the word “set,” and it wouldn’t have shown two images with 2 separate pairs of earrings. Had this been advertised as is, I most likely still would have bought them! Now, I have such a bad taste in my mouth over the misleading way this was sold, that I won’t be buying anything else from this company. It’s a shame too, because the products are cute.

Please be wary of what you’re buying when doing business with this company. You may only get a single pair of earrings that can be called a “set” because it’s mismatched.

Jodeelin Miner

Perfect dainty studs!


Beautifully made


I really like the care that this company shows in every product that they sell.

Karen Miller
Amazing little pieces

I love my little studs!! I’m able to feel the blessings of the gods and goddesses, while still being discreet! They haven’t tarnished or turned my ears and I’ve been wearing them full time for 2 weeks now! Very impressed ❤️