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    5 Astrology Sites We Love

    • 2 min read

    5 Astrology Sites We Love

    For many people, astrology seems to be one of the more elusive crafts within the occult. One look at a birth chart can evoke memories of a trigonometry test you forgot to study for. Thank goodness for passionate astrologers demystifying information from the stars and planets.

    Those skeptical about astrology muse that horoscopes couldn’t possibly guarantee a future outcome. We love checking in to see what our horoscope has to say about the coming day, but we maintain that the future lies entirely in our own hands as a direct result of the choices we make. We can, however, be empowered by astrological readings to make changes which impact our lives for the better.

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    Once limited to overly vague newspaper blurbs, horoscopes can now be found just about everywhere you look - websites, magazines, phone apps. With so many options out there, how can we know which horoscopes are the real deal?

    We did the hard work for you and created a list of our 5 favorite astrology websites who provide empowering insight into the stars:

    Susan Miller : Warm and friendly but straightforward, Susan Miller’s tone is everything you could want in a cool aunt. These aren’t the overly vague newspaper horoscopes of yesteryear. Susan has transformed the art of astrology into science to deliver horoscopes with magickal accuracy.

    Rob Brezny : We love the way Rob talks! His information is always dead on but what we really love is his intricate, almost cryptic way of speaking. It feels like talking to a man bestowed with ancient wisdom. His ability to deliver that ‘secret’ knowledge in a relatable, humorous way is the reason we come back again and again.

    Astrotwins : These easy breezy identical twins are fun, straight forward, and easy to understand. Some people may love the reveal of the more technical side of astrology but for those who want simple answers, Ophira and Tali Edut have you covered! Detailed daily, weekly, AND monthly forecasts!

    The Tarot Lady : Many times you read your horoscope and there are no next steps to get you on your way. The Tarot Lady not only works to give amazing readings, she gives you actionable advice to navigate the highs and lows of life based on the wisdom she receives from astrological readings.

    Penny Thornton : Sometimes you need a gentle touch to get your where you need to go and other times you need a strong guiding hand. Penny skips the sugarcoating to give you what you need without the fluff.

    As with many crafts, horoscopes are intensely personal. We urge you to remember that no one has control over your future and there’s someone for everyone. Whether you need reassurance about a decision or a full monthly romance breakdown, we’ve got you covered!

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