6 Witchy Fiction Favorites from the Blessed Be Magick Crew

6 Witchy Fiction Favorites from the Blessed Be Magick Crew

Stories of fiction are their own kind of magick. For a span of time, we enter a new world with new rules where we can allow the lines of reality to blur just a little and anything is possible. We know, of course, that most witchy tales aren’t a reflection of our true practices, but we can still have a bit of fun!

From the historical to the downright fun-ridiculous, we’ve collected 6 of our favorite witch fiction books.

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

You may not realize it, but Practical Magic is actually the second book of a series. This cult classic tells the story of the curse and realizations of the Owens women in a quiet Massachusetts town. We love the sisterhood and the perfect crossroads of witch mythology and real life. A wonderful read for anyone who needs a little more sisterly love in their life.

Akata Witch by Nnedi Okrafor

We have plenty of witch stories in America or Europe, but what about in Africa? This transcontinental tale moves from America to Africa and tells the story of Sunny, who now lives in Nigeria. She’s a wonderful athlete who happens to be born an albino, which prevents her from playing her favorite sport in the sun. She soon discovers dormant magic powers and, of course, friends to help her navigate the changes. This coming of age tale is a great ready for readers who crave intrigue and character growth.

A Secret History of Witches: A Novel by Louisa Morgan

A witch’s powers can never be hidden for long. In this generational tale, five generations of witch power and knowledge wanes after seemingly dying with Grand-mère Ursule in 1821. Throughout the generations, the Ochires try to keep the knowledge and practices alive, but when World War II rings, it’s time to realize the magic that’s been within them all along. Do you crave historical dramas? You’ll love this rich, honest, enthralling story of magic “lost” and found.

Witch is When it All Began by Adele Abbott

Life is complicated for us all and after Jill Gooder, private investigator, accepts a new client, she finds out just how chaotic life can get. Between scintillating mysteries and self-discovery, readers will fall in love with Jill’s relatable charm.  This teen-friendly witch series is perfect for young adults and anyone with a stirring curiosity and a craving for mystery.

The Babysitters Coven by Kate M. Williams

Deemed “Adventures in Babysitting meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” who could resist this sure to be classic? This teen mini-series tells the story of a coven of babysitters. Esme and Cassandra are bonded together through a heroic lineage of magic and a calling to protect innocents. Perfect for young adults who want a summer read that’s fast paced and leaves you ready to take on the world.

The Witches of New York: A Novel by Ami McKay

Set back in 1880, Adelaide Thom opens a tea shop, Tea and Sympathy, with Eleanor St. Clair. Together they bring witchcraft and divination to the mainstream, catering to New York’s finest with palm readings and potions from their garden. One day, Beatrice Dunn arrives at their door looking for a job. Though she becomes invaluable, her presence is marked by strange occurrences. This mini-series is a little more dark and opulent than our other selections but no less enchanting.

We have a little something for everyone on our favorite witch fiction reads list so, by all means, try out a genre you haven’t read before. More of a multi-tasker or prefer e-books? All of the books are available on Kindle and Audiobook!

Have you read one of our suggested books or do you have a favorite not listed here? Let us know in the comments below.

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