7 Favorite Netflix Picks for Magickal Inspiration

7 Favorite Netflix Picks for Magickal Inspiration

No matter what religion or faith you follow, the holidays are a wonderful time of celebration and community. When the weather outside is frightful, we love to share food, warm drinks, and our favorite shows and movies with friends and family. Of course, we love to spread the magick so our favorites have an enchanting twist. So, pop some popcorn, get the hot cocoa ready, and grab some blankets for an uplifting witch’s night in!

Good Witch

Follow along with the journey of widow and Bell, Book & Candle shop owner Cassie Nightingale and her teenage daughter Grace as new residents of small town Middleton. Chaos, love, and magick ensue as they go through the ebbs and flows of life. Though mishaps inevitably come their way, Cassie and Grace, who share a gift of enchanted insight and magickal intuition, also share laughs, lessons, and tears along the way.

Doctor Strange

If you could master one power what would it be? After an accident, an arrogant but brilliant neurosurgeon seeks out every option possible for healing. On his journey, the doctor is drawn into a world of mystic arts and asked to set aside the ego that served him so well in the material world in service of the greater good. 


The Netflix reboot is great, but there’s nothing like the original Charmed ladies casting spells, kicking butt, and going through the motions of life. It’s not always easy, but through the power of sister (not to mention coven) love, this powerful trio is able to conquer evil demons, relationship issues, curses, life transitions, and more.

Practical Magic

Prejudice has a way of finding its way to anyone on the outskirts of the mainstream. Witch sisters Sally and Gillian Owens are raised by their eccentric witch aunts after their parents pass away. Small town prejudice and a longtime curse make it impossible for them to find love. Though the two sisters couldn’t be more different in their approach to life, love, and magick, the two of them share an inherent bond that proceeds to be tested.


Sometimes our greatest power is born of necessity instead of sunshine and rainbows. Many of us are familiar with the tale of Matilda, a beautiful and talented little girl left to her own devices amidst a family who doesn’t recognize or appreciate her. With a little magick, wit, and courage she maneuvers through the pitfall through an unforgiving world and forges her own definition of family.

Once Upon a Time

What if fairy tales were real? Meet epic skeptic Emma Swan and follow along her journey as she finds out just who she is and where she comes from. Along the way she finds out magick is real, fairy tales thrive in another world, and she may be the savior of the world.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

In an alternate world, history is just a little different. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is the (ahem...) strange tale of the tie of the Napoleonic Wars in a world where magick exists. In a time of desperation and violence, talented Mr. Norell and absolute novice Jonathan Strange use magick to help save beloved England.

Not all of these Netflix picks are serious witch watches. We wanted to share tv shows and movies that embody the inspiration and blessings of magick. What are you favorite uplifting and inspirational flicks to watch and share? Tell us in the comments below!

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