A Modern Yule Party Guide

A Modern Yule Party Guide

During winter, we may find that we spend more time indoors, around chosen family and close friends. Winter can be a great time for pausing the everyday rush in our lives and for slowing down to spend more quality time with our loved ones, which is why winter activities such as board games, movie nights, or baking are so popular during this season. You may want to make an event out of it, and open your doors to more than just a few friends. Who doesn't love a reason to dress up?

We can also use the winter months to get creative by trying new recipes or crafts that we have never attempted before. With the days getting shorter and colder, winter can also be a good time to start or continue working on our hobbies such as playing an instrument, reading books, writing poetry, or painting. A great way to showcase these new skills and new projects is by sharing them with friends and family. Imagine a Yule feast, a day spent enjoying delicious food you'd prepared, sharing drinks and stories with our favorite people regarding your exciting new creative adventures, and ending the night with some wassailing.

Here's our Blessed Be Magick party guide - what to gift, what to wear, and some party planning magickal tips!

Bestsellers list; Top gifts for Witches

Blessed Be Magick_Yule Gifts for Witches

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You can't go to a party empty-handed, and there are so many amazing gift options we have for witches here! From the broom closet witch, to your "slightly witchy sister", to your full blown High Priestess love, here are our top five options. You can find even more options on our website!

  1. For the Broom Closet Witch, our Pentacle Mini Pendant Necklace 
  2. For the Spiritually Curious, our Triple Goddess Stud Earrings
  3. For the Sister Witch, our Witch Necklace
  4. For the Feminist Witch in our life, our Lilith Sigil Mini Pendant Necklace
  5. For the fully out-of-the-closet totally witchy bestie, our Hecate's Wheel Ring & Necklace Set

Why do we gift at Yule

Gifts are a tradition that has been around for centuries. For many of us, Yule/Christmas is an important time to pause our lives and appreciate the beauty of life with family and friends. Gifts help us show our appreciation for each other, strengthen relationships, express thanks, and show our love. They also give us a reason to get creative and make something special for the people we care about most.

Gifting also comes from sharing resources, something that in ancient Norse and ancient Celtic times was an exchange of goods that enabled people to live in harmony and survive the winter months. By exchanging gifts, we’re reminded to give as much as take and remember our shared history of survival.

With witchcraft so inherently tied with community and nature, here is your reminder that a truly magickal Yule is one of giving, gratitude and joy. So even if you don’t exchange gifts in the traditional sense, consider what your own special gifts are and how you can share them this season. Whether that is a cooked meal, or including those who may struggle with loneliness, artwork you've created in someone's honor, or even just gifting your time... Whether you like to give physical gifts or not, giving back to your community is one of the best things you can do during the winter months. You could volunteer at a homeless shelter nearby or donate clothes... Don't let the pressure of "how much someone has spent on you" be the deciding factor in your gifting experience - gift it with love, share it with kindness, and be merry together.

Yule Style Guide

At Blessed Be Magick we love glamour magick! Combining color correspondences to our Yule celebrations, we suggest opting for deep reds, greens, and golds to bring in the holiday spirit. Incorporate festive accessories and get creative with your look!

Red - match with our gold Hecate's Wheel Ring & Necklace Set

Blessed Be Magick_Hecate's Wheel Ring and Necklace Set Gold

The traditional color of Yule, represents the fertility and power of the Sun. Its passionate energy revives us to take action and move in the months when it's harder to be active. Red is also the color of courage and confidence, which will come in handy when you find yourself under pressure this season. Ensure to grant yourself peace and kindness though whilst you navigate through your new adventure, and our gold Hecate's Wheel necklace and ring set can be the perfect support for this.

Gold - match with our rose gold Witch's Knot Necklace

Witch's Knot Moonstone Necklace in Rose Gold


Representing abundance and prosperity, gold is a great detail to add to your outfit for a more festive look. Gold in color psychology represents money, success, and power. With wealth comes blessings, and our Witch's Knot Moonstone Necklace is the perfect accessory to stack with other pieces or wear alone.

Silver - match with our Triple Goddess Ring

 Triple Goddess Ring


Intuition, divine protection and mystery, silver is a great color to add through jewellery and embellishments. In color psychology, silver represents the spiritual realm and the power of the moon. With the nights being longer, you have a longer opportunity to connect with the Moon at this time. The Triple Goddess symbol represents three of the Moons phases, and our Triple Goddess Ring looks beautiful layered with more silver items.

Green - match with our Triquetra Mini Stud Earrings 

 Triquetra Mini Stud Earrings 

A color of renewal and hope, green brings in the idea that new beginnings are possible as we move into a New Year. Green symbolizes growth, which makes it perfect for winter festivities where we are looking towards the spring with hope and optimism. The Triquetra symbol represents the three stages of nature that you see throughout everything, and can be worn as a protective talisman for these times.

White - match with our Witch Collection 

Witch Necklace

White is reflective of the snow and the sky at this period of time; for purity, innocence, and cleansing. It's a color that represents the new beginnings that come with the start of a new year and is perfect for wearing layered items to create a wintery look. Set your magickal intentions and reaffirm your craft this new year with our beautiful Witch Necklace.

Yule traditions modernized

For Yule there have always been activities involved that incorporate magick into the solstice day. What used to be candle lighting and bonfires for example, have been modernized in more "family-friendly" ways throughout the year - LED tealights and room sprays that smell like the festive season. Here are some more activities you can incorporate into your modern Yule gathering!
  • Wassailing to Karaoke style Caroling; Wassailing was the practice of going door to door singing songs and receiving food or drinks in return. Nowadays, we can still keep the tradition alive by caroling around the neighborhood or performing a rendition of our favorite holiday classic during family karaoke night!
  • Yule log to Buche de Noel; The Yule log was a tradition of burning a piece of wood on the solstice to bring good luck for the coming year! Nowadays, we can still keep the tradition alive by baking a Buche de Noel - or "Yule Log" cake - during family time in the kitchen. Chocolate ganache and chocolate bark? That's a firm yes from me!
  • Greeting the Sun to Sun Mandala artwork; Greeting the sun on Yule is a way to honor the season and be thankful for its light. Nowadays, we can keep this tradition alive by creating our own Sun Mandala artwork, which can be used as decorations in our home or even given as gifts! It's the perfect activity to create on your own or with little ones, and it isn't time-sensitive like greeting the Sun is - we can just do it when our schedule allows.

Winter Solstice Party Ideas

To add a little extra magick to your Yule party, here are some of our favorite spells and rituals you can try out:

  • Cast a circle with the four elements, setting a boundary for your sacred party space, and protection for all who enter your home.
  • Enchant your jewelry for extra fun, extra sparkle, and attracting a lovely time for you.

Witch Bracelet

  • Bless your drinks and food before raising a toast to the departing sun.
  • Invite nature into your Yule celebration by having naturally foraged greenery as decorations or making an herbal offering as part of the ritual.
  • Create intention cards - have everyone write down something they would like to manifest in the coming year, then let the power of the solstice and your group energy help bring it into fruition!
  • Set the mood with magickal candles - choose colors that correspond to your intentions or take it further and make your own magickal spell candles.

Yule is a special time of year that can be celebrated in many ways. It's a perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with family, friends, and loved ones while honoring the changing of seasons. Try incorporating some of these activities or rituals and enjoy the magick of your own Yule party! Happy Holidays! xxx

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