Are You a Lunar Witch?

Are You a Lunar Witch?

There are more witch practices and paths than there are different pastries and cakes in the world. And when it comes to preferences, at some point we look to our nearest neighbour for support on our journey - The Moon.

The Moon in our astrology, in our almanacs, in our tarot, in our folklore, in our myths and in our dreams is a reflection of the sense that we are all connected, and the Moon gives us powerful guidance on how to navigate life with grace. A lunar witch celebrates this connection with power within spirit, animals, plants - and cosmos.

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What does Lunar Witch Mean?

Being a Lunar witch means being in tune with the cycles of the moon and working your magick in line with its phases. This includes understanding how each phase of the moon affects our energy, drawing on those energies to help manifest intentions, and using rituals and meditations that connect us back to lunar energy. Lunar witches also use herbs and plants that correspond to the different moons cycles, such as mugwort and lavender for the new moon, chamomile and thyme for the full moon, and rosemary for waxing energy.

Working with the lunar energies is a powerful way to enhance your magickal practice. It can be helpful to use different rituals and ceremonies throughout the cycle of the moon, or to set intentions and focus your practice on a particular phase.

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The benefits of working with lunar witchcraft can be far-reaching and limitless. It’s said that our own energy is attuned to the moon cycles, so by connecting back to these energies regularly we can help balance and harmonize our inner and outer worlds. Working with lunar energies also helps us come into deeper alignment with the natural cycles and rhythms of life, allowing us to tap into the vast potentials that lie within each cycle.

Keywords Associated with Them:

Empowering, Intuitive, Mystical

  • Empowering: Lunar witches, much like modern witches, find empowerment in their craft. They harness the energy of the moon's cycles and use it to amplify their intentions and magic. This practice encourages you to connect with your inner power and intuition, allowing you to take charge of your spiritual journey. The lunar phases provide a natural rhythm for manifestation and self-growth, empowering you to trust your instincts and work with the moon's energy for positive change.
  • Intuitive: Lunar witches are deeply in tune with their intuition and the cosmic energies of the moon. They use the moon's phases, such as the New Moon for new beginnings and the Full Moon for manifestation, as a guide for their magical workings. This intuitive connection allows you to tap into the mysteries of the universe, gaining insights and wisdom that guide you on your spiritual path.
  • Mystical: The practice of a lunar witch is inherently mystical. It involves embracing the enchanting qualities of the moon and its influence on our lives. Lunar witches often engage in rituals, meditation, and divination during specific moon phases, creating a magical and mystical atmosphere. The moon's energy adds a layer of mystery and wonder to your practice, inviting you to explore the hidden realms of the universe.

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As a lunar witch, your practice is deeply personal, and you have the freedom to express your spirituality in ways that resonate with the moon's energy matching your inner wisdom. You might find that the lunar cycles align perfectly with your natural rhythms, providing a powerful tool for self-awareness and transformation. Get stuck into the magick of our moon, trust in your intuition, and let the mysticism of lunar witchcraft guide you on a beautiful and empowering journey of discovery. Your magick shines brightly, always reflecting the gentle glow of the moon's wisdom and grace, regardless of the life phase you're in.

Magick preference:

Embracing your identity as a lunar witch comes with the joys of moon-bathing, working with lunar-associated crystals (selenite, moonstone, labradorite etc) and herbalism. Some lunar witches choose to focus their practice on astrology, while others will use tarot cards or runes depending on their preference. Ultimately, the choice is yours - all that matters is that you feel connected to our closest cosmic neighbour's energy, and embrace your magickal journey with an open heart.

With that in mind, here are a few styles of magick that may seamlessly complement and enhance your unique witchery practice:

  • Astrology: Start with your personal natal astrology before diving into working with the current phases, learning about the different ways the lunar cycle can impact your day-to-day wellbeing, your energy levels, your spellwork opportunities and your meditative practices. I could not recommend Starlust's calculator enough to show not only the moon phase for when you were born, but also the accurate current phases too for you to work with. Bookmark it for later!
  • Moon Gardening: Creating a space that can serve as the foundation for your practice. Planting, tending, and harvesting plants in alignment with the lunar cycle can be a powerful way to connect with nature and work with the moon's energy. Each moon phase impacts the growth cycle of a garden, so use the appropriate seeds, herbs, and flowers for each phase.
  • Lucid Dreaming: A lunar witch may practice lucid dreaming to tap into the power of the subconscious. Lucid dreaming allows you to explore your innermost thoughts and feelings, while also tapping into cosmic wisdom and energy from the moon.
  • Kitchen Witchery: Working with the plants and herbs that correspond to each phase of the moon can help you connect more deeply to lunar energy. Lavender is particularly associated with the Moon and another witches staple - you can use it across most spells and in most recipes too, so it makes being in the broom-closet that easier to handle.
  • Art: Surrealism and abstract art comes in handy when trying to communicate with the moon, while painting and drawing are direct pathways to connecting with your lunar magic.
  • Water Magick: Ruling the seas, the tides, and the entirety of all watery elements, it’s no surprise that the moon plays an important role in water magick. Working with ocean-inspired deities and Water elementals can help you harness lunar energy. You can also use herbs like sage and yarrow to draw on the power of feminine energies and work with lunar correspondences. Working with water can help us to cultivate a deep connection with our intuition and emotions. Rituals such as moon baths in the ocean, making moon water and divination through crystal scrying are essential tools for any lunar witch.

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As a Lunar witch, you have access to the powerful and mysterious energies of the moon. By learning to work with its cycles and rhythms, you can gain a deeper understanding of your magickal gifts and tap into creative potentials. Let the moon's light guide you on your spiritual journey and discover what lies in store for you!

Witchy tip for you:

If you'd like to tap more into lunar energy in your daily life, even in full sun and 30 degree heat, ways you can still do this is by wearing moonstone crystals in your outfit like in your purse, bag or makeup kit. Not only does it bring the energy of the moon to you, but also comes with many healing benefits. Moonstone is known for its ability to help regulate menstrual cycles, increase fertility, balance hormones and aid in calming emotions. It is also believed to sharpen intuition and promote inspiration too so it's eeeeven witchier than you think!

Product recommendation:

We would recommend for you our Triple Moon Goddess Collection! Connecting with the different phases of the moon and the Triple Goddess archetype has never been easier. Tap into your lunar energy with our thoughtfully-designed pieces for making every occasion magickal.

Happy witchery! 🔮⚡️

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