Celebrate Your Body and Style This Samhain

Celebrate Your Body and Style This Samhain

Happy Samhain witches! This is a time to reflect on the past year and release any negative energies that have been weighing us down. A perfect time to also celebrate the body and soul that we inhabit. One way to do this is by using glamour magick! 

This is a time to celebrate our bodies and all that they do for us. We focus so much on the spiritual plane for this sabbat that the physical often gets overlooked, especially for those who don't work with spirits or want to try something new. It aligns perfectly to reflect on any personal style hang-ups we may have. This year, let's try to release those negative thoughts with some glamour magick. By working on our self-confidence and embracing our unique personal style, we can bring more light into the world this Samhain season! I can't wait to discuss how to use glamour magick to celebrate your body and style this Samhain.

Why celebrate Samhain with glamour magick?

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For every witch who follows the Wheel of the Year, Samhain (All Hallows Eve) is the end of our year. It’s our New Years Eve party! It leads to the wheel turning; the season cycles towards a Winter incubation state that flows into Spring, blooms into Summer, and we come back to Harvest season again. Specifically for Samhain, in the Ancient Celtic times, folks would dress up on Samhain and light bonfires to avoid harm & ward off demons or spirits. The word Samhain is derived from the Old Irish meaning "summer's end". This was a time for community gatherings and was often seen as a happy festival rather than the dark & dreary holiday we know it to be. It wasn't until later when Christianity came along that All Hallows Eve became incorporated into the holiday and thus changed the meaning & feeling around it.

No matter what your personal beliefs are, this is a perfect time to celebrate the body you're in and the style that makes you feel like the best version of yourself! In a period of self-reflection, why not take inventory of what you're happy with in terms of dressing up, and banish any bad vibes and styles that no longer suit!


Christy Gillespie

I love the newsletter and how you support with facts. Samhain is about death of the season to allow for the rebirth and transformation in the new year! I love the recommendation for using glamour magick and incorporating this in the daily practice for the new year! Blessings!


I love this so much and it’s right where I am – getting comfortable in my beautiful body just how it is, focusing on health and care for my body out of gratitude for it, not from any outside “trends” of how it “should” look. I love this balance of celebrating life in this body while we honor what is on the other side of the veil. The best way to honor those who have passed over before us is to LIVE and these bodies are our gifts for life.
Thank you!
Blessed be <3

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