How To Use a Talisman

How To Use a Talisman

In a previous post, we talked about what a talisman is and why you might want to use your talisman to create more magick in your life! In this post, we delve a little deeper and learn how to use a talisman.

Intention is Key

As we discussed before, each tradition can hold different beliefs about how to choose and charge a talisman. Intention is a key element across all methods. To create a talisman, all you need is an item that resonates with your outcome and focused intention. To charge you talisman with your desire, hold or gaze upon it and project your desired outcomes and feelings onto the talisman.

Minimalist Pentacle Necklace

For example, you might use our Pentacle Necklace to intend safety for yourself wherever you go. As you gaze or hold the talisman, visualize and feel yourself going about your day protected, safe and happy, projecting these postive and secure images and thoughts onto the piece of jewelry. Now, whenever you look at the talisman on your arm, remind yourself of what it's like to feel safe. Because our feelings create our physical reality, this increases the likehood that you will be safe!

The more you use your talisman for its ordained purpose, the stronger it becomes. This is why we are partial to talismans that we can use and see regularly, such as jewelry or something you can place on your altar or bedside table. 

What Intentions Should I Set?

Pentacle and Triple Goddess Rings

A talisman can be used to create any sort of change but in our experience, it works best when you use it to cultivate self-empowering intentions. These can include intentions for:

  • Emotional Healing
  • Prosperity
  • Creativity 
  • Self-Confidence and Self-Love
  • Blessings and Support from the Universe 
  • Great Relationships 
  • New Opportunities 
  • Vitality
  • Good Health

...and many others! Remember, positive intentions create positive change!

Recharging and Re-Programming Your Talisman

 Witch's Knot Moonstone Ring in Rose Gold

    As time goes on and your talisman gets a regular workout, you may want to re-charge it. Simply feel gratitude for everything the talisman has created for you, repeat the same ritual described above and visualize the talisman working stronger than ever for you.

    You may also decide to re-program your talisman for another intention or outcome. To do so, simply picture clear white light washing over the talisman, eliminating anything that no longer serves you. Feel the talisman as a blank slate, and then program it with your new intentions! 

    Talismans are truly a great and effective tool to help direct and focus your thoughts and awareness on your desired outcome. Happy magicking with talismans! 




    Peggy J Pieper

    I am looking forward to getting my talisman. I ordered the ring in Rose Gold. It is so beautiful and I will wear it every day once I do my intention. Thank you so much for creating beautiful jewelry. My next purchase is the wrist cuff..


    Good article(s) on talismans. Suppose however you want to charge and dedicate it to a specific god/goddess to have it assist the wearer in receiving/obtaining said deity’s blessings, projections and assistance. How should one go about dedicating consecrating and charging it for that purpose?

    Terry Fish

    I came across an ad for your talismans and loves the way they looked! Since I’m not that far along in my practice, I didn’t know which sign to choose and took your test. My results came back and showed a picture of the pentagram sign, (which I usually don’t like), but something about it called to me. I love the design of the necklace I ordered and am eagerly awaiting its arrival! I can’t wait!


    I can’t wait to receive my talisman! Been looking at these on and off for awhile and one just kept calling me back, so finally got it!!

    Jeni Lovatt

    Am looking forward to receiving my talisman, already have a wooden one placed outside my front door, which I regularly cleanse and charge. Will be nice to have a new one which I can wear!

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