Lilith is in our Astrological Lives

Lilith is in our Astrological Lives

Did you know that there are more than three Liliths in any one person's astrological natal chart? 

Three of them are mathematical (and even hypothetical) whereas there is only one Lilith that is a physical object. 

All of these astrology elements of Lilith are named after the mythical magickal figure, who is often associated with themes of independence, rebellion, and sexuality. Lilith is also considered to be a representation of our unconsciousness, the subconscious and hidden desires. You can read more about Lilith’s history here.

At a basic level, we can say that each of these points represents our capacity to go beyond societal norms, to be wild and unbound. Lilith in our chart is linked to our sexuality, sexual expression, and ability to be independent without needing others' approval or validation. It speaks of us being able to accept ourselves for who we are, as well as not feeling ashamed of who we are and what we desire. 

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What are the main Liliths in our astrological chart?

Waldemath Lilith is an imaginary point located at the exact opposite of the Moon. This ghost in the machine, as never actually proven to exist, may have been a dirt speck or smear on a faulty telescopic lens. Twice it was "discovered" and then rebuked, and it is also described as a second moon or dust cloud past the moon. Waldemath is the darkest aspect of ourselves, our innermost fears, and describes the most shadowy archetype of the sign it falls in for our charts. It can describe how unmothered we have been, as well as if we were to describe you as a Villain, a key component of your Villain story. As this is not an astrological point of reference most practitioners use, it may be more beneficial for creative purposes and shadow work than for anything else. 

When exploring these aspects in your chart, here’s a tip for Waldemath (h58). Start yourself a prompt with "My Waldemath is in the sign and house of ......., and this highlights that ..... could be a trigger or issue for me to work through." My own Waldemath is in my first house Aries, so that could highlight that I never really knew who I was in terms of identity and that I don't know how to mother myself especially when it comes to self-expression and movement. 

True Moon Lilith (h13 in your chart) is referring to the actual location of the Moon in its orbit at the time of your birth, a factual measurement of its apogee position. In contrast, Black Moon Lilith (h21), also known as the Mean Apogee of the Moon, is a point in space that is directly opposite the Moon's current position. It represents the Moon's average distance from the Earth on its crooked orbit. 

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In astrology, both True Moon Lilith and Black Moon Lilith are still important, although they can manifest differently depending on their placement in the natal chart. True Moon is the Lilith I would work with for transits in your natal chart, and to discuss these areas with you where you may need guidance for the year ahead. 

Black Moon is the Lilith (with the asteroid positioning) that I would look at more in your birth natal chart to describe your unique version of Lilith, much like we say "I'm a Scorpio rising" as a natural placement. This Lilith represents magick, psyche and psychic ability, as well as reclaiming elements of the goddess who is lost to us, sexual thoughts & fantasies balanced out by Priapus (h22) in our charts. 

Lilith the asteroid (1181) has an astrological orbit of 4 years and 4 months to complete a cycle. It is a small rocky body, about 5 miles in diameter, that is located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroid Lilith shows us raw passion, embodied sexuality, how we approach taboos, suppressed rage, the demonised aspect of feminism, and the fight for equality. Above all else, it is the inner power for our values, and knowing what we will fight for including ourselves.

In astrology, both Moon Liliths and Asteroid Lilith are often associated with themes of power, autonomy, and the shadow side of the psyche. However, they can all describe life differently for you depending on their placement in the natal chart. Both Moon Liliths are more often linked with primal instincts, while Asteroid Lilith is more associated with personal boundaries, social impact and self-assertion. And out of all of them, asteroid Lilith is my favourite - for the record!

Why is it important to understand Lilith placements in our natal charts?

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Understanding our astrological Lilith placements can provide us with important insight into the areas of our lives where we may need to take bolder action. It can help us understand our instinctual responses and how these shape the way in which we interact with others, as well as how aware we are of our own boundaries. By understanding the various interpretations of Lilith, we can come to a better understanding of our individual needs and how we can best fulfil them. This can help us gain more power over ourselves and our lives as a whole. 

As a teaser as to what I have to say about Lilith in our charts, here is what it means for each sign in terms of equality and societal freedoms:

  • Lilith in Aries - You care deeply about self-development and feel strongly that it should be an equitable right for all. This would look like an emphasis on self-esteem, as well as advocating for the rights of others.
  • Lilith in Taurus - You care deeply about safety and security, and feel strongly that everyone should be afforded the necessary human physiological needs. As a result, you strive for fairness in wages and opportunities. 
  • Lilith in Gemini - You care deeply about communication and education, and feel strongly that it should be open to everyone. As a result, you strive for more progressive laws on talking therapies and learning languages. 
  • Lilith in Cancer - You care deeply about the nourishment of both body and soul, and feel strongly that all should have access to quality health care. This would look like advocating for those in your community who struggle to access quality care.
  • Lilith in Leo - You care deeply about creative expression, and feel strongly that everyone should be able to freely express themselves. As a result, you strive for the promotion of artistic freedom or even just a better understanding of why “art” matters.
  • Lilith in Virgo - You care deeply about the environment and feel strongly about sustainability. As a result, you strive for regulations on eco-friendly practices, as well as advocating for efficient green energy sources. 
  • Lilith in Libra - You care deeply about relationships and fairness, and feel strongly that everyone should have access to quality social interaction opportunities. This would look like advocating for equitable resources for our partners, and our loved ones, and aiding a sense of belonging.
  • Lilith in Scorpio - You care deeply about desires, and feel strongly that everyone should have the right to pursue their heart's content, embracing our shadow and integrating it without harm. As a result, you strive for ways of understanding how our passions can be fulfilled without fear or judgement.
  • Lilith in Sagittarius - You care deeply about freedom of thought, and feel strongly that everyone should be afforded this right. As a result, you strive for more progressive laws on education and knowledge-seeking.
  • Lilith in Capricorn - You care deeply about responsibility and boundaries, and feel strongly that everyone should understand the importance of both. This would look like advocating for people to take accountability for their actions, sharing knowledge in a way that is equitable and transparent, while also respecting the rights of others. 
  • Lilith in Aquarius - You care deeply about innovation and progress, and feel strongly that everyone should be allowed the opportunity to innovate. This would look like advocating for new technologies or supporting laws that would benefit society as a whole, and protesting those that don't. 
  • Lilith in Pisces - You care deeply about spirituality and mental health well-being, and feel strongly that all should have access to quality spiritual guidance and healing. As a result, you strive for the promotion of psychological healing, rehabilitation and self-growth. 

Ultimately, asteroid Lilith (1181) in our charts is a reminder that we are all equal, regardless of gender, race or class. We are each unique and deserve to be respected as such. Lilith seeks to empower us to make choices that will benefit us and our society as a whole. Together let’s strive for equitable equality and freedom so that we can all reach our highest potential. Until next time x

Writers Bio: Lizzie Burgess, a secular divination Bosswitch, runs where you can learn more about divination methods, rituals and resources that help you with your growth spiritually and professionally. Lizzie is currently finishing the upcoming book “An A to Z of Modern Divination”, where they upcycle and modernize ancient divination methods for a more accessible divinatory practice. 

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