New Moon and Full Moon - What's the Difference?

New Moon and Full Moon - What's the Difference?

Everything is energy and perhaps one of the most well-known sources of powerful energy is our big, beautiful moon. But, did you know the New Moon and Full Moon hold very different energies? This is especially important when spell casting, manifesting, charging, meditating, or divining.

With its big, bright glow, it seems the full moon gets all the love and the myths. Don’t let the darkness of the new moon fool you however, the new moon holds just as much power.

New Moon Energy

We learned back in grade school that the moon isn’t gone during the New Moon phase. Instead, it sits between the Earth and the sun, and the sun shines its light on the side of the moon we never get to see. This is why the New Moon appears to be invisible and then appears to ‘grow’ larger as the positions of the Earth, Moon and Sun changes and the sun begins to gradually illuminate more of the moon in the days after the New Moon.

Monthly New Moons signal the start of a new moon cycle where it grows (or waxes in moon-speak) into a full moon and then appears to recede into darkness (or wanes, again in moon-speak), only to start a new moon cycle again in approximately a month’s time.

The nascent new moon is all about birth and possibility so it may come as no surprise that the new moon is ripe with energy perfect for manifesting new beginnings. Because of this, it’s the ideal time to focus your magick works on things like:

  • Job hunting
  • New romance
  • New Inspiration
  • New projects
  • Pregnancy
  • Better Health
  • New Relationships

Full Moon Energy

During this powerful time, approximately 15 days after the last New Moon, the Earth is positioned between the moon and sun, which brings the moon to both its full light and power. The Moon appears its biggest and brightest during the Full Moon Phase, energetically amplifying our intentions if we choose to use this Full Moon Energy! Now is the time to use that bold energy as a catalyst by setting big and long term intentions, charging stones and crystals, divination, and manifestation. The full moon is wrought with energy but clarity is key when working magick at this time. Be clear on exactly what you intend.

To make the most of the full moon’s vibrant energy, focus your intentions on areas like:

  • Divination
  • Focused meditation
  • Charging items
  • Healing
  • Manifestation
  • Psychic Development
  • Relationships
  • Long term goals

Both phases are powerful in their own right, especially when you take care to align your will and works with the purveying energy. What’s your favorite way to make the new moon and full moon a little more magickal? Be sure to check out and save our 2019 New Moon and Full Moon calendar so you never miss another one of these magickal occasions again!  


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