Spells for Solitary Witches

Spells for Solitary Witches

Solitary witchcraft is it’s own sacred space where the journey is not just a set of rituals and creating magick for magick’s sake, but a profound exploration of the self. Picture it as a cozy haven, where the flickering candlelight dances with your dreams and the soft rustle of herbs whispers ancient secrets.

In this solitary path, the keywords we’d previously shared in "Cultivating Inner Power: Embracing Solitude as a Solitary Witch" are not just mere descriptors; they are the constellations that guide those who are just beginning our journeys and for where we look to when we are finding our true north. 

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In Solitary Witchcraft, the concept of free-will emphasizes personal autonomy and the freedom to choose one's path. It's about embracing the idea that each practitioner is unique, and their journey is not bound by strict rules.

It's truly a liberating dance with the cosmos, where you're free to sculpt your practice according to the whispers of your heart and not to the demands of a set path like lunar cycles or from the steerings of a coven. The cauldron of possibilities is vast, and your choices are the potent ingredients that brew the elixir of your unique “you” as a witch.

In the embrace of free-will, consider crafting spells that reflect your deepest desires and aspirations. Picture yourself as the fate weaver, intricately threading the tapestry of your life with intentions that resonate with your true self.

The “Mirror of Choices” Spell Idea: 

Create your sacred space with candles and incense. Sit before a mirror with a small bowl of water. Gaze into your reflection, and visualize different paths and choices. Speak your desires and aspirations aloud. Dip your fingers in the water, symbolizing your connection to the fluidity of choices. As the water ripples, feel the energy of your free-will resonating. Close the ritual by expressing gratitude for the power to shape your destiny.

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Solitary Witchcraft places a strong emphasis on intuition—the inner knowing that guides us beyond logic and reasoning. It encourages practitioners to trust their instincts, tap into their inner wisdom, and develop a deep connection with their intuition.

In short - trust is your compass.

Your intuitive magick might unfold in unexpected ways too - a simple glance at a particular herb, a sudden rush of inspiration, or a dream woven with mystical symbols. Listen to these whispers; they are the symphony of your inner wisdom playing a tune only you can hear. 

The “Candle Whisperer” Divination Method

Light a candle in a quiet space. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Envision a question or concern in your mind. As you open your eyes, focus on the flame. Let your thoughts flow, and observe the dance of the candle. Pay attention to any changes in the flame's intensity or direction. Trust your intuition to interpret these signs. Blow out the candle, thanking the energy for its guidance.

Solitary Witchcraft invites practitioners to turn inward, exploring the depths of their own psyche. It's about self-discovery, reflection, and understanding the subtle energies within. This introspective aspect is crucial for personal growth and a deeper connection to the craft.

Solitary Witchcraft invites you to explore the labyrinth of your soul. It's not just about casting spells; it's about understanding the ebb and flow of your own energies. 

The real alchemy happens within.

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Take a leisurely stroll through your self-reflection, where every shadow holds a lesson and every reflection is a mirror to your inner magick. There’s no rush, and no-one has set deadlines for you.

Craft spells that delve into the depths of your desires, fears, and dreams. In the quiet corners of introspection, discover the magick that arises when you align your craft with the sacred symphony of your soul.

The Book of Shadows Meditation Spell

Create a sacred space where the energies of the universe harmonize with your intentions. Adorn your meditation space with crystals, such as amethyst for clarity or rose quartz for self-love. Light a white candle to symbolize purity and invite divine energies. Let the soft glow of the candlelight weave a cocoon of warmth around you.

As you sit comfortably, feel the gentle hum of the Earth beneath you, grounding you in the present moment. Take a moment to hold your Book of Shadows or journal to your heart, infusing it with your energy. Whisper words of gratitude to the universe for this sacred connection and acknowledge the spirits of the elements, inviting them to join your journey.


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"Elements four, spirits near,

Bless this space, make the magick clear.

Candle's glow and crystals bright,

Guide me through this sacred night."

Now, close your eyes and take slow, deliberate breaths. Envision a soft, radiant light enveloping your Book of Shadows. As you mentally open its pages, visualize an ancient, mystical gateway revealing the chapters of your life. Let the fragrance of lavender or sage fill the air, purifying the energies around you.


"Gateways open, secrets unfold,

In this sacred space, my story is told.

Lavender whispers and sage's embrace,

Guide me, Book of Shadows, to a sacred place."

As you journey through the ethereal pages, reflect on your strengths, acknowledging the resilience that courses through your veins. Embrace your challenges with compassion, recognizing them as stepping stones on your magickal path. Allow the desires that dance within you to be illuminated, like stars in the night sky, guiding your way.

With each breath, let the book become a living entity, a companion on your spiritual voyage. When you feel the whispers of insight and guidance gently waning, open your eyes. Ground yourself in the present, and with a sense of reverence, record any revelations in your physical Book of Shadows.

Closing Incantation:

"As the candle flickers and crystals gleam,

My Book of Shadows holds the magickal dream.

Grateful for insights, wisdom shared,

Blessed be, my journey's declared."

In Solitary Witchcraft, these main thoughts serve as beacons, guiding practitioners to embody our uniqueness, trust our instincts, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. May your path be illuminated with the warmth of free-will, intuition, and introspection. Until next time xox

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Writers Bio: Lizzie Burgess, a secular divination Bosswitch, runs BackyardBanshee.com where you can learn more about divination methods, rituals and resources that help you with your growth spiritually and professionally, including learning all the tarot meanings completely free. Lizzie is currently finishing the upcoming book “An A to Z of Modern Divination”, where they upcycle and modernize ancient divination methods for a more accessible divinatory practice.


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