The Power of Fehu

The Power of Fehu

We love to incorporate goddess magick in to our practice, and especially when it comes to varied and creative deities like Freyja, the Norse goddess of War, of Magick, of Love, Sex and Beauty.

Freyja has so many wonderful aspects, and can bring a lot of powerful magick to any kind of situation. She offers us the chance to explore our wild side, our creative potential, and our inner strength and courage. She helps us to bring out the best in ourselves, while still respecting boundaries, and as a witch we love to see the appreciation for both nature in this world and for the other realms.

Freya Fehu Rune Necklace


She is also a great source of inspiration for art forms like painting, dance and music. Her creativity and passion can be seen in all these disciplines, bringing a unique perspective to the art form. She is also associated with the protection of those in need, which may include warriors or victims of injustice.

Freyja's magick is often used for healing spells - both physical and emotional. There's even a type of shamanic journeying associated with her. By tapping into her power, we can also invoke feelings of joy, peace and freedom. Her magick is beneficial for anyone looking to explore their inner self and create a positive transformation within themselves.

When working with Freyja's energies, just remember that she is multifaceted and has many aspects to her personality - both good and bad. The power of her magick can be incredible for your divination practice, for your self-love and confidence glamour magick, and for your creative pursuits. We always work in a respectful way where we can, too.

Freyja is a powerful goddess and we are blessed to have access to her magick. She can help us tap into our inner strength and courage, and guide us in discovering our true potential.

Let her be an inspiration for your practice, and explore all the possibilities she has to offer.

Elder Futhark runes

Freya Fehu Rune Huggie Earrings

As a goddess of divination and magick, a great way to connect with her is through runes - specifically the Elder Futhark runes, whose origins are found in Norse and Germanic cultures.

The Elder Futhark is an alphabet system of symbols used to represent spiritual concepts, and these can serve as a powerful tool when working with Freyja's energies. The runes each have their own unique meaning and connotation, and they work together to form complex messages about our lives and the cosmos.

Freyja's runes are particularly powerful, as they are imbued with her energies. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as protection magick, healing spells and divination. By tapping into this power, we can gain insight into our lives and the world around us.

Freya's Aett

The first eight runes of the Elder Futhark are associated with creation and beginnings, and belong to Freyja.

Each group (aett) contains eight individual runes, and each rune has its own meaning and power. These symbols are associated with Freyja's magickal powers and can be used to bring in positive energies into any situation. They can also be used to help us create our own unique spells that are tailored to our individual needs and goals.

When working with Freyja's aett, or the other Elder Futhark runes, it is important to remember that these symbols represent powerful energies and should be handled with respect.

The Power of Fehu

Freya Fehu Rune Anklet

Freya Fehu Rune Anklet

One of the runes that is associated with Freyja is Fehu, which symbolizes wealth and abundance. This rune can be used for manifestation magick and to increase prosperity in our lives. Traditionally associated with cattle and livestock, Fehu is a powerful symbol that can help us tap into the energy of manifestation.

When working with this rune, it is important to remember that abundance comes in many forms - not just physical or financial wealth. Abundance can also come in the form of love, friendship, and spiritual fulfillment. So when using Fehu for magickal purposes, it is important to keep this in mind and focus not just on material gain but also on spiritual growth. This is the power of Fehu.

As a powerful tool for creating positive change, as it carries the energy of abundance and success always, and so can you.

What Does Fehu Mean?

Freya Fehu Rune Earrings


When using Fehu as a tool in your magickal practice, it means that you are connecting to the energies of "plenty" and abundance. This rune is associated with physical and financial wealth, sure, but it can also represent other forms of abundance such as love, friendship, and spiritual fulfillment. It can be associated with a plethora of talents, or a wealth of energy in itself.

Fehu symbolizes the power of creating your own reality tangibly realised, and using this energy for manifesting positive change in our lives. By tapping into this rune's power, we can enjoy the life that we want and open ourselves up to new possibilities.

Fehu is a symbol of great potential, and when used in conjunction with other runes it can be a powerful tool for transformation and personal growth too. It is all about opening up to new opportunities and embracing abundance in all its forms. By working with this rune, you can expect a plentitude in terms of outcomes, and that's exciting.

Ways To Use Fehu Talisman Jewelry 

Fehu is a powerful symbol that can be used in many different ways, including wearing as an amulet. Having the rune physically close to you can help you connect to its energy and use it for manifesting positive change in your life.

Our Fehu Talisman Jewelry serves as a reminder of your intention and will serve as a source of empowerment throughout your magickal practice

You could use it:

  • as a talisman when shopping to attract good sales opportunities and save money on big expenses
  • to create a protective shield against negative vibes and energies
  • for protection magick when travelling or engaging in risky activities
  • in place of a pendulum, or to help you pick tarot cards
  • as part of a glamour spell to increase your confidence and magnetism
  • during healing rituals to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • anytime you need an energy boost or feel like you are lacking motivation
  • for divination and meditation practices to gain insight into your life
  • to attract success and abundance in all aspects of your life
  • and to connect with Freyja as a deity and an archetype in your life

By connecting with Freyja's energies through her runes such as Fehu, we can unlock a world of possibilities and create positive transformation in our lives. It is a powerful tool for manifesting our dreams, and by tapping into Fehu's magick, we bring more of that into our daily lives too. 

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