Triple Goddess: The One Symbol Beloved by All Witches

Triple Goddess: The One Symbol Beloved by All Witches

When most people think about paganism and witchcraft, they immediately conjure images of a pentacle or a triple goddess symbol.

Also referred to as a triple moon, this symbol is created by a full circle set between crescent moon shapes facing outward on both sides.

Blessed Be Magick - Pentacle and Triple Goddess Gemstone Ring
Left to Right: Pentacle and Triple Goddess Talisman Rings by Blessed Be Magick

At Blessed Be Magick, we do go by the term Triple Goddess, but you’ll see them used interchangeably in many other texts. There’s no “right” answer. Read more to learn why.

So, is it Triple Moon or Triple Goddess?

Short answer? Both.

Long(ish) answer? Each metaphor powers the other.

Blessed Be Magick - Triple Goddess Signet Ring

Triple Goddess Signet Ring by Blessed Be Magick

As you may have gathered from the shapes, this symbol is comprised of the three phases of the moon - waxing, full, and waning. These shapes don’t just refer to the life cycle of the moon, they represent the life cycle of woman - maiden, mother, and crone.

Maiden | Waxing

The waxing, or growing, moon represents the budding maiden. Brimming with creation energy, new beginnings, purity, youth, and childlike wonder and innocence. The maiden beckons you to open your mind. Goddesses such as Brigid and Persephone are often used to depict the maiden goddess.

Mother | Full

The full moon harkens back to the mother. Powerful, pregnant with possibility, the mother invites (and teaches) patience, responsibility, unconditional love, fulfillment, and protection. You’ll often find goddesses such as Ceres, Demeter, and Lakshmi used to illustrate the mother goddess.

Blessed Be Magick - Triple Goddess Round Disc Necklace

Triple Goddess Round Disc Necklace by Blessed Be Magick 

Crone | Waning

The third phase, the waning moon, relates to the old crone. Also referred to as the hag, she is full of wisdom and signifies not just death but also rebirth. The crone is an invitation to explore courage, introspection, and the metaphorical journey through the underworld. Goddesses Baba Yaga and Hecate are often called upon to portray the crone goddess.

 How do I use the Triple Goddess symbol?

Blessed Be Magick - Triple Goddess Mini Pendant Necklace Rose Gold

Triple Goddess Mini Pendant Necklace by Blessed Be Magick 

Incorporating this divine symbol into your life and practice is easy. You can use it just as any other symbol - draw it out, carve it into a candle or stone, or wear it as a talisman.

However you choose to use the symbol, it’s a powerful reminder of your connection to the divine feminine and the flow of life itself. Invite the maiden for confidence during new beginnings. Conjure the mother for protection and nurturing love. Call upon the crone for strength and wisdom from the crone.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate the triple goddess symbol into your daily life?


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Our Triple Goddess Gemstone Ring comes in Sterling Silver.

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Jo Sisson

I love the simplicity of the Triple Goddess ring but would love it in silver, not stainless. Does it come in stirling silver please?

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