Community Post: What Do You Enjoy Outside of Witchcraft?

Community Post: What Do You Enjoy Outside of Witchcraft?

We recently asked our community, "What interests and pursuits do you enjoy outside of witchcraft?"

As expected, the responses were multi-faceted and fascinating!

Witches truly do come from all walks of life.

We have collated some responses in this post. Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you wish to contribute to this post!

I love hanging out with my horses and dog as well as reading, quilting and teaching yoga:)
– A.

"I’m hyper focused on my career and raising my two daughters as a single mom." - C.

Writing, although I often think that's quite witchy in itself! Reading, shopping, hanging out with my friends when I'm feeling sociable. Learning languages and penpalling.
– C.

"I like to play video games and do anything artsy. Crochet, knitting, drawing, painting, sewing. Baking and cooking." - S.

"I like to ride my motorcycle." - R.

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Spending time with my kids is number one for me , second is painting, cooking, fishing, watching movies – T.

"Outside of my witchy pursuits I enjoy most things related to diy's. It is incredibly therapeutic. Just like witchcraft,  you're putting your energy and intent into your work and building a product that is one of a kind. The outcome is usually very rewarding as well. I enjoy making hand creme, I love doing all own manicure and pedicures, and cooking meals from scratch. When I'm not doing my diy's, I love to to read.  I love getting lost in a good book and learning new words and phrases cause we are never too old to learn something new. - J.

I love anything about planets, UFO’s, ET’s and CE-5 contact. Learning about anything galactic I also love trees and birds. Looking at them and listening to them. Trees in the wind and birds singing. -J.

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I love to garden and spend time with my dog and my 2 cats. I love to be outside, watch nature ,the clouds and the stars. – C.

I enjoy reading, traveling, self-care, cooking, being a parent & enjoying life ! – M.

"I raise and release monarch butterflies during summer and early fall." - T.

"Writing, singing, traveling, and eating good food." - K.

On my outside interests, I enjoy gardening, playing with my dogs and cats, reading, playing Frisbee and basketball and I enjoy small workouts.

I love being out in nature, even if its sitting in my back yard enjoying the sun, watching the birds and what other creatures happen to cross my path. – L.

90's R&B music, being a parent, fast-paced gym workouts and devouring chick-lit! - Shan, Founder, Blessed Be Magick

Outside of witchcraft, witches also tend to enjoy being with their loved ones, in nature, animals and crafting!

So many of you enjoy creating and making things with your hands!

If you would like to contribute to this post or suggest future topics for community posts such as this, please leave a comment below!



Mary Liles

I love Halloween always have!!!

Annie Ford

I enjoy reading, being near water, meditating, watching movies…my kids, my cats, writing nursery rhymes, staying in hotels. Blessed Be. Love your blog! ✨


I enjoy reading, cooking, and gardening. Age has crept up on me this last year, so I do everything a little slower. But life and the Lady are all good.


I too do crafts, well, upcycling of things. I love flea markets and antique shops and love making something old into something repurposed or renewed and able to be used again.


This was such a wonderful idea!💡
I love getting to know others witches!😆
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog.
Thank you!!

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