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    What is a Talisman?

    • 2 min read

    What is a Talisman?

    If you're new to the practice of magick, you may not think you're familiar with a talisman. But have you ever worn a necklace for good luck? Or rubbed a rabbit's foot before you headed into a job interview? Well, you've used a talisman before! Of course, this analogy reduces magick into more of a superstition, but so often superstitions are born from a strand of truth.

    In its simplest form, a talisman can be defined as an object you have chosen to, whether directly or indirectly, direct energy into or imbue with a specific intention.  

    For us, we take the practice of using talismans one step further by using everyday objects such as a piece of jewelry to charge with an intention or emotion we wish to experience in reality. Every time we look at the talisman, we train our hearts and minds to recall our original intention or desire. Overtime, this repetitive behavior programs our intentions into our subconscious through the use of a talisman, greatly increasing the likelihood of our desires coming true!

    As with all matters of magick, talismans are seen throughout a number of different traditions. Each has its own beliefs about how to create a talisman. Some parallel one another and others are starkly different. Even non-magickal traditions and religions hold their own talismans, though they don't call it by that name. Think of intricate crosses and coins engraved with the portraits of saints.  Or the four-leaved clover as a symbol of luck in modern culture.

    One belief that many traditions share is that the person intended to use talisman should be the one to charge it with their own intentions.

    A talisman can be anything. A family heirloom or childhood toy. It can be a found key or foreign coin. A piece of clothing, a simple bracelet, or even a tattoo.

    What is important is that the object resonates with your intention. For example, you probably wouldn't choose a knife talisman to bring good luck or improvement to your relationships as it's difficult to feel harmonious feelings of love and support by looking at a knife! Something that invokes congenial feelings such as a rose quartz or The Lovers Card in the tarot would make it much easier to direct and focus your intention for better relationships into! 

    Using a talisman is one of the simplest and effective forms of magick you can practice. Try it and we'd love to hear about your experiences with talismans in the comments below! 

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