What is a Witch?

What is a Witch?

Admittedly, this isn’t the easiest question to answer. What does it mean to be a witch is a deeply personal question.

Hollywood has done its fair share to color the way the public perceives witches. Twitching noses, green skin, and out-of-control powers granted at puberty. These depictions are exaggerated at their best and outlandish at their worst.

Even more bewildering traditions, which often inform personal feelings and thoughts, can vary wildly from place to place. With great gratitude, we’ve come a long way from the witch-hunts of Salem, but there’s still confusion about what it means to be a witch.

So, what exactly is a witch?

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Gender Neutral: Though some men prefer the moniker warlock, witch is gender neutral.

Not Inherently Religious: Witches come in all different flavors. For some, witchcraft intersects with religion and/or spirituality. For others, it’s an altogether separate thing. Wicca and witchcraft have long been intertwined, but it’s important to note that a Wiccan is not necessarily a witch, and a witch is not necessarily a Wiccan.

Recognition and Manipulation of Energy: Witches recognize that everything first occurs on an energetic level and then is made manifest in the physical world. They seek to make use of this law to empower and better themselves. 

Aligned with Nature: One common thread among all witchcraft-related traditions is a communion with and reverence for nature.

Intuitive: It’s not quite a prerequisite, but so many people drawn to becoming a witch have expressed a beautiful and strong connection to their intuition.

Responsible: Witches recognize that they are fully responsible for their lives. No one else is in control of what you feel or choose to perceive but you. 

Dedicated: Dedicated to your personal practice. Dedicated to your personal journey. Dedicated to finding out which rituals and spells work personally for you. Dedicated to bettering yourself and furthering your knowledge of your craft. 

Committed to Individual and Collective Healing: Witches recognize that we are all connected and work to heal on all levels. 

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Anyone can be a witch. There’s no super secret club. You’re not necessarily “born into it”. There aren’t an elite few that can send stools levitating with the flick of a wrist. All you need is an open heart, an open mind, and most importantly, to make the choice to embrace your power and take control of your life.

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