Creating Protection & Unity with the Witch's Knot

Creating Protection & Unity with the Witch's Knot

You might be familiar with the enigmatic Witch's Knot symbol without knowing what it is, whether in churches or in books and throughout history.

The Witches Knot is a circle with four loops over it, and first documented in the Book of Kells (as well as Celtic Sailor Knots and Triskelions).

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It is similar to a Solomon's Knot, the Ailm ogham symbol and a Solar Cross Knot, and whilst they share similarities they all have different meanings. 

It is thought the Witches Knot was used as a protective symbol and for binding. For example, in its simplest form it can be used to bind a spell or wish.

If you are creating an amulet or drawing a talisman with the Witches Knot, you could fill each loop with dried herbs, symbols of protection such as a pentacle, symbols of power like runes or symbols of love like dried rose petals.

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The Witches Knot can also be used in rituals and meditations, either to draw protective energy around yourself or your magickal circle, or you could use it to bind any negative energies away. So in general, it is thought that the Witches Knot symbolizes so many magickal correspondences that with intention can be used for any purpose.

Using the Witch's Knot for Protection and Warding

You can use a Witches Knot in meditations or casting circles by using incense, ash or salt to create the patterns. As well as in rituals, when creating an amulet or talisman with the Witches Knot you can use this symbol for protection. Why not charge your own Blessed Be Magick's Witch's Knot jewelry for this purpose in your day to day energetic protection?

Using the Witch's Knot for Strength and Power

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Use this symbol of strength to fill you with renewed energy and reinvigorated power, even for the times that you are not connecting to your witchcraft practice. We don't have to cast spells every day or know every single thing about our path in advance, as otherwise it wouldn't be a journey. But to have this Witch's Knot as a reminder that you are capable and strong, this can be just what is needed to get us through the difficult times and celebrate our successes.

Using the Witch's Knot for Unity of Elements & Directions

The Witches Knot is also a great symbol for representing the unity of all elements, directions and energies. It's an intersection point of many magickal correspondences and a reminder that we are part of something larger than ourselves. This can be used to call on the four elements; air, fire, water and earth (or any other direction depending on your tradition). By calling these elements in and asking for their guidance, wisdom, healing or protection it can help us to bring more balance into our lives.

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The Witches Knot ties together all of these ideas and creates a beautiful symbol, magickal reminder and tool for protection and unity. Whether you are creating a talisman filled with herbs, using it in your meditations or rituals, or wearing a gorgeous Blessed Be Magick's Witch's Knot jewelry piece, let this symbol be a reminder of the universal unity and strength within you.


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