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    You’re a modern witch living in the real world. It’s not that your lifestyle is a secret, it’s just that you’re not flying around on a broomstick wearing a pointy hat.

    You’re not alone.  

    It’s hard to find subtle witchy jewelry that you feel comfortable wearing every day. That’s why Blessed Be Magick was born.

    These tasteful talismans are designed to wear with your existing jewelry collection or on their own. The beauty is that they won’t draw unnecessary attention to your spiritual practice. Plus you get to wear a constant reminder of your magick every day.

    I encourage you to choose a talisman that matches the energy of your intention. Every time you see your specially chosen piece you’ll be reminded of your intention.  Since energy creates our reality, those thoughts will bring your desires to life.

    Keep scrolling to see some of our most treasured talismans. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to manifest!

    Infinite Blessings —  


    About Us

    Blessed Be Magick was born out of persistent and faithful New Moon intentions and wishes.

    This is how we know magick exists and that all of us have the power to utilize this very magick for our highest good. 

    There are many paths as there are souls to tapping into this magickal force. For us, it is the path of witchcraft and magickal practices that has yielded the most tangible, empowering and positive changes in our lives. And this is this path that we celebrate, share and grow through with you.

    We look forward to getting to know you. Blessed Be.