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I don’t even know if this did anything

This necklace is stunning, it’s a perfect minimalist piece that you can wear with just about anything!


So gorgeous and danty! Love it!

First of all I didn't get my earrings in this shipment and I paid for ALL 3 of them. I emailed and got the earrings in another shipment, overall I LOVE my order but if I order again, I hope to get BOTH the Pentacle bracelet and anklet set next time I order. Love you Blessed Be Magick.

Witches knot moon stone ring

Lovely, wish the knot was a bit bigger.

Wonderful and perfect!

I was so excited to buy myself my Lilith digit bracelet! I’m also super glad about the adjustable clasp, cause I have super tiny wrists, and finding an adjustable bracelet has always been hard for me. I plan on buying more in the near future!

Love these so much. Perfect

Witch’s Knot Moonstone Necklace

I love this necklace! It’s beautiful- delicate and shiny and looks great layered with my Lilith Sigil necklace. Even the chain sparkles when the light hits it. I have three necklaces from Blessed Be Magick, and they are my favorite jewelry!

Stunning and dainty yet powerful!

I love my rose gold Hecate's Wheel ring and necklace! They're dainty yet powerful, and stunning! I miss them when I'm not wearing them!


It’s so beautiful and well made and I love it. Am excited to buy from them again the future. It’s just perfectly minimalist and subtle! Absolutely perfect.

Start of a journey

I was looking for a small piece that I could wear that was discreet but powerful and this ring felt that way and it didn’t disappoint! Looking forward to adding more pieces as my journey continues…

Mini but Impressive

Beautifully crafted. Love it :)

Beautifull but disappointingly small

I was so excited to get this beautiful talisman, but my excitement quickly turned to disappointment when it was too small to fit over my hand. Not a total loss as I gifted it to my wife who has smaller hands. Hopefully they'll offer a larger size in the near future for us bigger girls.

Beautifully subtle talisman

The ring is beautiful, and with its small size, the Pentacle goes unnoticed by those who would be offended by my normal Pentacle pendant.

Beautiful and subtle

Living in The South can be challenging for someone who has separated from the Christian faith. Subtlety can be a best friend while out and about. This sigil ring accomplished both a feeling of empowerment with a dash of subterfuge while being subtle enough to avoid prying (or praying) eyes. Needless to say, I absolutely love it.

Wear Mine Everyday!!

It’s perfect!! It’s small enough to wear anywhere, but I know what it means to me on a deeper level! It’s so worth it!

Pentacle Mini Pendant Necklace
Charlene Weiss-Wenzl
Mini Pendant Necklace 💙💙💙

I love the mini pentacle pendant. It is the perfect little necklace, not overtly in your face, but allows me to wear my spirit. You will not be disappointed.

Absolutely beautiful!

I love love love my new pentacle ring! I wear it everyday proudly✨️
Thank y'all so much for such a perfect witchy ring🙏

Put it on

the day I got it and haven’t taken it off since. I love it

Perfect gift for the Witch you love

Beautiful necklace and charms. Fast shipping and great customer service.

Amazing quality!

I was very pleased with my order. It arrived quickly, literally the same week I placed my order, and came in cute little boxes. I’m very happy with my purchase so far and excited to order again!!

I really like the care that this company shows in every product that they sell.

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