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Very nice, stylish piece. Most other Lilith Sigil pendants on the market are big, gaudy, or cheap looking. This one ticks all the boxes for me. It's small enough to wear all the time without seeming overdone and it looks simply beautiful. It's pretty much exactly what I wanted, I feel like the only thing that would make this even better is if it came in a solid gold option or a solid rose gold option.

I felt my magic working through it as soon as I put it on, which was a clear signal that it was the best choice for me. I'm so happy with this necklace and am looking forward to working magic with it for years to come. Despite its minimalistic style, which I love, is a true statement piece that I will cherish.


I instantly felt a connection with this ring and haven't taken it off! It is exactly what I needed and wanted!

Stunning Simplicity

Simple Norse rune design. Light to wear. Stunning look! Love it!

Love my new jewelry

Love my rings, I would rate a 5 but instead rated a 3 because my Pentacle mini stud earrings were not in the package.. I did send an email about it. and would like to know when they will be shipped. I also sent picture of the box with the rings and no earrings in email.

Hi! Thank you for your feedback! We are so deeply sorry for missing out on your earrings! Your replacement pair has already shipped, and our coven care team will be in touch with the tracking for your replacement package soon via email. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else for now. Thank you!

So dainty

I’m so glad I purchased this, it’s beautiful.

Witch's Knot Moonstone Earrings
Pamela LeFrancois I love everything I ordered, it's all wonderful
Witches knot

They are smaller than I thought they'd be

Hi Pamela! Sorry to hear that you're not loving your earrings! We do offer returns for all unworn, unopened pieces. Please reach out to us if you'd like to initiate a return, or if we can help you with anything else at all. We truly appreciate your feedback and continued support!

Love it I never take it off I shower with and sleep with it on

So pretty!

I love this necklace - it's a symbol that means a lot to me but anyone else would have to get close to see it! It looks very pretty on, I appreciate being able to choose the colour, I can wear it with other jewellery, and the shine is amazing.

Helm of Awe is Awesome

I love this necklace, the length is adjustable so you can wear it alone or stack others with it.

Groovy Witch Keyring.

I love this keyring.It’s fun and I always feel happy and smile a lot when I see it and hold it. It’s a conversation started, that’s for sure. The Keyring is just the right size (in my opinion). And the clarity of the keyring is enough to be noticed, but not too big or too gordy to look silly. I’m trying to add more metal colours to my B.B jewelry collection so I can have more options. Today it’s the yellow gold toner. Tomorrow I may get whatever I need in the rose gold colour tone. I’m thrilled to have so many metal tone options to choose from. Blessed Be and may we all forever - Be Blessed.
Deb. 💋

Awen pendent with chain.

I am very happy with my purchase of the Awen pendent and chain in gold tone. I never usually buy anything that’s just gold plated, due to the risk of the gold plating coming off and leaving an uneven appearance to the item. I haven’t worn any of my new items yet (all in gold tone). Maybe this review would be better suited for a time after I’ve worn the jewelry. So far, the only issue (which is more of a request than anything else), would be to engrave the symbol on both sides of the pendent. Or, offer engraving of purchasers name or so many words etc. Also. Consider making engravings more visible and deeper than they are at present. The symbolism on the Awen pendent is important to me because my Late Mother was Welsh as was most of her family, including both of her late parents, going back many many generations. I have always had a strong connection to the Welch Mythology and this Awen pendent helps me to connect to a time in life that’s gone by, and left me lonely. I use my knowledge of Witchcraft to heal myself during times of emotional crisis, grief & the pain of feeling homesick for people (not places). Sometimes memories hurt so I use my Blessed Be jewellery as tools to help me heal myself.
Thank you. Shan, Fam & Clan.
Blessed Be.
and may we all be,
Forever Blessed.

The Magick Worked Immediately

I had my eye on the Lilith sigil necklace for a while so when it went on sale I had to get it. On the first day I wore it I was able to tap into the energy of the sigil and get results. The necklace itself is lovely and packaged with care. I also really love the interactive customer service I received from the Blessed Be team. Would definitely recommend.

A beauty!

This ring is a beauty! I have been wanting to add it to my collection of Blessed Be Magick jewelry and finally did. Glad of it to. Looks amazing

Simple & Pretty

I love the simplicity of this ring! It would also be a great ring with some quality garnets instead of the black cz stones.

Loved the earrings and the bath bomb was luscious- perfect for the full moon ritual bath! Had hoped for the moonstone on the witches knot earring to be a bit bigger.

Beautiful Wand Necklace

Beautiful necklace with an engraving that has a special meaning to my heart. Designed with options for length. Lovely packaging.

Beautiful jewlery

I love this set. It's so pretty.

Did not receive it! I can't review it

Very Beautiful

I love the absolute subtlety of these tiny but impressive earrings. They are so petite without any out and loud/proud symbolism whatsoever. Only those of us who buy from Blessed Be Magic would be able to acknowledge these earrings as a pagan gift. To anyone else, these earrings would be a beautiful set of jewellery. I purchased these earrings in gold tone. I usually wear/prefer S/Silver, but I felt like changing things up this time. Hopefully, the gold tone will not rub off.

It’s beautiful. Also I love how it slides easily along the chain when you move, so you’re not constantly trying to move it back around when you are turning your head a lot.

Helm of Awe

Beautiful pendant! I ordered for my best friend’s birthday, and I’m sure she is going to love it!

Witchy ring

Love the ring. It is very pretty & just gorgeous.

Love this ring!

I love these earrings! Perfect for being discreet when in environments where people won't understand your path.