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Looks so expensive!

The small diamond catches the light in this substantial piece. The Lilith sigil is extremely elegant. I love it! ♥️


Absolutely love this necklace!

It’s as sweet as can be!


It’s so pretty, and exactly like the picture. My favorite purchase so far! I’ve worn it for a week straight, and zero complaints! You need this ring!

Beautiful and subtle

I absolutely love my Hecate's Wheel ring. The rose gold is very pretty. The engraving is a little more noticeable than the other rings I purchased, but I really like that about it.

Pentacle Anklet
Layla Bennett

gives you that boost when putting it on in the morning to take on the day. :)

The Lilith sigil is beautiful however the clasp is so tiny that I can’t even wear the necklace:(

My new favorite!!

The ring is gorgeous, fits perfectly, and has already attracted attention! I've received several compliments from friends. I never take it off! It helps me channeling my energy when casting. I just love it!

Lilith necklace

I absolutely love my Lilith necklace. I've gotten so many compliments on it. Your jewelry is excellent quality.

The ring is pretty and perfectly discreet. I can wear it anywhere and I love it.

Absolutely Perfect!

This was the absolute perfect discreet piece of jewelry that I was looking for!! It’s simple, yet beautiful and everything ai was looking for! The size fit perfectly and while small, you can see the perfectly etched triquetra clearly. I absolutely love it!

Merkaba ring

This ring is beautiful! Very unique!

Moon Witch Anklet
Bit too small for my thick witch cankles🙈

In my mind I’m small, but in reality I’m not😅. Had to have it anyway😤!! When I have it on ankle, I’m mindful of it there. So I use my wrist mostly, when I do wear it💁🏽‍♀️. Love it is spite of it being a bit too small for my witch cankles💁🏽‍♀️🤩🤣🤣.

Moon Witch Necklace
Makes the set perfect!

I went for silver because I like it best against my skin💁🏽‍♀️. Adjustable and dainty, super happy with it and only take it off to shower🤩.

Beautiful little moons 🌙

Couldn’t wait for my preorder to go through! Finally have my moons! Perfect little huggy earrings; no worries about them coming undone! They go with everything and I love them🤩.

Absolutely beautiful

I'm never taking it off!

This is such a beautiful and dainty ring. I wanted something to wear everyday that wasn't "in your face" and this is perfect.

Moonstone ring

This is such a delicate, feminine beautiful ring. I get compliments on it all the time. Thank you for this.


Lovely ring!

Moon Witch Ring
Patty Dellinger

I love it. It’s very subtle and small. I hate wearing rings because they are too bulky. These are perfect

Love the pen, so pretty.

Beautiful studs, prettier then picture. I wear all the time as a second earring in each ear. Recommend seller

Just buy it!

I wanted something tasteful to remind me to be strong in the face of adversity. This helps me achieve that! Hail!

Love how dainty this is great product will Definitely order again

I love it!

I already had a connection to the elements but I'm glad I now have a piece of jewelry to show that.