Hestia Mini Pendant Necklace

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Hestia is the revered Greek goddess of hearth and home.

Our Hestia Necklace, delicately crafted with precision, features the eternal flame, Hestia's enduring symbol. This eternal flame not only represents the sacred hearth but also symbolizes continuity, warmth, and the perpetual essence of the divine within our lives.

In the realm of witchcraft, Hestia holds a significant place as a goddess associated with protection, harmony, and the mystical energy of the home. Witches often seek the guidance of Hestia to bring balance and tranquility into their sacred spaces.

This minimalist Hestia Necklace serves as a powerful talisman, allowing practitioners to connect with the protective energies of the hearth, fostering a sense of peace and grounding in their craft.

The necklace's subtle design mirrors the discreet yet potent influence that Hestia brings to the practice of witchcraft, making it an ideal accessory for those who seek both style and spiritual resonance.

Embrace the symbolic significance of the eternal flame, and let this beautiful talisman become a cherished companion on your magical journey—a reminder of the sacred balance between simplicity and the profound energies that connect us to the divine.

Fit & Material: Stainless Steel. Adjustable lobster clasp chain with a versatile, adjustable length of 15 to 20 inches / 38.1 cm to 50.8 cm

Crafted in Stainless Steel.

Gold & Rose Gold are 18k plated

Necklace chain is adjustable from 15 - 20 inches / 38.1 cm - 50.8 cm.

Circle pendant is 0.3 inches / 0.8 cm in diameter.

We encourage you to take proper care of your talisman so that it lasts.

Here are some tips:

Store your talisman separately to minimize scratching.

Remove your talisman and put it in a safe place before showering, swimming, going into the hot tub, exercising and sleeping. 

All talismans come with a beautiful velvet pouch - perfect for storing your jewelry!

Please avoid contact with excessive sweat, lotions, perfumes and other chemicals.

Occasionally polish your talisman with a soft cloth to clean and restore shine.

Hestia Mini Pendant Necklace

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Customer Reviews

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It’s beautiful. Also I love how it slides easily along the chain when you move, so you’re not constantly trying to move it back around when you are turning your head a lot.

Ingrid M.
Hestia Mini Pendant Necklace

A lovely piece. Very much appreciate the design and the adjustable chain.