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I knew I was going to love this!! First the quality was excellent!!!! Such a beautiful and simple design with such a powerful meaning! I WILL be purchasing all of them! Second the packaging..... it came in a beautiful box and a little bag that I will be using to carry my crystals around! The packaging was so nice it just made me feel special opening it! Highly highly recommend!!! 100%.

Love love love!
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I wear these every single day! They are beautiful and classy looking and just right for any and every day! Highly recommended and will be buying more!

Can’t wait to add another to my collection!
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What an amazing package my ‘witch’ talisman was delivered in! From the handwritten note, to the adorable stickers-I loved everything! My talisman is gorgeous and pairs beautifully with my other bracelets.

2018 #Witchy Gift Guide for Your Magickal Tribe

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2018 #Witchy Gift Guide for Your Magickal Tribe

Looking for the perfect gift for that modern, magickal friend or loved one? Our talisman cuffs make the absolute perfect gift! Classy and gorgeous, they possess the "oooh" factor at first sight, are super comfortable and wearable anywhere and come in a variety of lovely colors to suit all styes!

Most importantly, our elegant and simple designs provide the perfect blank slate for the wearer to set their own intentions, whatever they may be.

The only question is which one to get!

 To help you out, we've put together a gift guide to help you choose!

For the One to Whom You Bestow Upon Infinite Blessings
Blessed Be Talisman Cuff in Gold : Gift this to the one whom you wish only the highest and most positive energies upon. Let this always be a reminder of your love and support on their magickal path! 
Blessed Be Talisman Cuff - Gold
For the Glam Modern Witch:
Witch Talisman Cuff in Rose Gold  : To us, rose gold corresponds to the energy of 'extra magickal.'. This is the perfect gift for the modern witch, the one equally at home and working her magick whether at a moon circle or a classy clocktail bar!
For the Spell-Worker:
Pentagram Talisman Cuff in Silver : A multi-faceted symbol representing the five elements (Earth, Fire , Air, Water and Spirit) and protection, this is the perfect gift for spell casters. Wear this talisman while casting a spell or place it on their altar to enchant, and they'll be reminded of their spellwork intentions wherever they go. 
Pentagram Talisman Cuff in Silver
For the One Who Loves and Embodies Magick:
Magickal Talisman Cuff in Rose Gold : For the one who has faith in mind over matter, who delights in signs and synchronicities, who believes magick IS in fact normal. May this Magickal Talisman Cuff remind her to never stop believing in magick and to never stop being her magickal self!
Magickal Talisman Cuff - Rose Gold
For the Tarot and Oracle Card Reader:  
Card Slinger Talisman Cuff in Silver : For the one who's put in the time and effort to study and practice the ancient divination craft of tarot and oracle-reading. The cards ground and center them and their querents as they skilfully interpret messages from the divine through the cards that they hold. May they always be reminded of their chosen craft and cultivated power. 
Card Slinger Talisman Cuff in Silver
Want your gifts in time for Christmas? Please order by our holiday shipping dates here

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