Five Magickal Phone Apps for the Modern Witch

Five Magickal Phone Apps for the Modern Witch

There are so many factors to consider when incorporating new tools into your practice. For many, the practice of witchcraft conjures a few words - nature, ancient, and divine. Yet, is there a space where you can bring modern technology into ancient traditions, nature-based beliefs, and divine guidance?

We believe, with a little discernment, that apps and other modern technologies can be beautiful and powerful tools in your witchcraft kit!

There are hundreds of apps from astrology to tarot to spell casting that offer their modern take on witchcraft, but which ones are worth their weight in salt?

We did a bit of the heavy lifting for you. Here are five of our favorite apps for you to download, test, and love:

My Moon Phase App

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Tracking the lunar calendar is important for magick spells. The My Moon Phase app not only tracks the moon cycles but it also reports cloud conditions and the exact moment the moon reaches a particular phase of your choice. Never miss another opportunity to make your new moon intentions again! If you’re a modern witch who enjoys taking Instagram photos of the moon, you’ll love the Golden Hour and Blue Hour function for peak lighting.

Golden Thread Tarot App

Tarot is a powerful divinity tool, but have you ever thought about tracking your readings? Golden Thread actually has a physical deck and holds that the soul lies there, but seeks to mirror that experience digitally. This app offers digital tarot readings you can save and reflect on in order to look for patterns and meditate on messages. Those interested in learning the art of tarot reading can fine tune their skills and track their intuitions and memorization skills.

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Extra Credit: Looking to dive deep into learning the traditional meaning of the Rider-Waite tarot cards? Take a look at the Learn Tarot app to get a deeper knowledge of your tarot cards.

Liber Umbrarum et Lux App

Spellcasting is personal. Each witch has her own favorite herbs, candles, incantations, etc. Both new and experienced witches alike will love Liber Umbrarum et Lux. Instead of, or in addition to, your weathered leather Book of Shadows, record all of your rituals and spells digitally in the journal section. This handy app also includes rituals, consecrations, spells, and more from the creator’s very own Book of Shadows.

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Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone App

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Yes, online astrologers have gotten a bad name for being super general but that’s not the case here. Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone app offers daily and monthly horoscopes, compatibility reports, and more. Susan has been a professional reader for the better part of 25 years and has known for giving those too-accurate goosebumps. We also picked Susan Miller in our Top 5 Astrology Sites We Love.

STONE: Crystals, illuminated. App

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Who can keep track of every single crystal and mineral? Certainly not us. We rely on a handy app like STONE: Crystals, illuminated to provide quick information. Beautiful, full color images combined with short but insightful descriptions are the perfect on-the-go solution for both crystal connoisseurs and novices.

We’re all about growth at Blessed Be Magick! There’s room for technology and divinity and we encourage, a healthy dose of discernment when looking into different metaphysical apps. A running theme behind the apps we have featured here is that they provide you with the information for you to interpret and tap into your inner guidance. You are the only one who truly knows what will work for you. 

What are your favorite apps and why do you love them?

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Bummed that LIBER UMBRARUM ET LUX APP and Stone: Crystal Illuminated are iPhone only. Hopefully Android compatibility comes soon!

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