Goddess Hecate

Goddess Hecate

This is part 1 in our Hecate's Wheel Series. For Part 2 on how to use the Hecate's Wheel, see here.

Goddess Hecate is one of the most mysterious goddesses in all of mythology. She is associated with witchcraft, the dark moon, and magic. Despite her dark associations, however, Hecate is a force for good and can help us connect with our own inner power. In this blog post, we will explore the history of Goddess Hecate and how to connect with her yourself.

Who is Hecate?


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Hecate, also known Hekate, is a goddess in Greek mythology who was associated with magic, witchcraft, the underworld, and crossroads. She was often portrayed as a woman with three faces or heads, and sometimes she was shown holding torches or keys. Hecate was also known as a lunar goddess, as she was associated with the dark moon.

Hecate’s name comes from the Greek word for “far away.” This may be because she was originally a Thracian Goddess who was later adopted into the Greek pantheon. Or it may be because her realm is the unseen world of spirits and ghosts. Either way, Hecate is a Goddess who exists outside of our everyday reality.

In some myths, Hecate is the daughter of the Titans Perses and Asteria. In other myths, she is the Goddess Artemis’s companion or servant. Regardless of her heritage, what we do know is that Hecate was a powerful Goddess in her own right.

Hecate was associated with many things:


-The dark moon

-Ghosts and spirits



Because of these associations, Hecate has been both revered and feared throughout history. In some cultures, she was seen as a Goddess who could protect homes and families from evil spirits. In others, she was considered a bringer of death and disaster. It wasn’t until recently that scholars began to see Hecate as a Goddess of balance. In our modern world, it’s easy to see how Hecate can be seen as this. After all, she is associated with both light and dark, life and death, good and evil. Hecate reminds us that there is always another side to every story. She also teaches us that we all have the power to create our own reality.

Hecate Pronunciation

If you looking how to pronounce hecate, it is "hah-keet" or "hi-kayt", with a hardened "t" at the end. Others (specifically Americanised) go by "heh-katt-ay".

She has different pronunciations based on where folks are from regionally in Greece and how that is also changed is by Shakespeare's mention of her in Macbeth, "heh-kat". At this point, unless she comes to you and tells you otherwise, there isn't a specific oneway confirmation on Hecate's pronunciation - it is what feels best to you.

Hecate's Symbols

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Symbols typically aligned with Hecate include the Strophalos, Hecate's Wheel, Keys, Serpents, Crossroads, Daggers, Crossed Keys, and Torches. Animal spirits you may associate with a visit from Hecate include the Black Cat, Dog, and Owl. Other symbolism that may be contact or have connection from Hecate include the color black, and moon phases (dark moon, full moon, and crescent moon). If she were a tarot card, she would be The Tower because of her ability to bring down what is no longer working in our lives.

For more information on how to use Hecate's Wheel, see here.

Why is Hecate a Triple Goddess?

In some artwork, she is even shown with three heads or three bodies. This is because she is known as a "triple goddess". This means that she is a Goddess who represents the three stages of womanhood: maiden, mother, and crone.

Hecate's Roman name is Trivia, which means "three ways". Her symbols reflect her role as a triple goddess too. The crescent moon, for example, represents the maiden. The full moon represents the mother, and the waning moon represents the crone.

She is a triple goddess not due to her relation to womanhood, but also because of her connection with the three realms: earth, sky, and sea. She was originally a Titan Goddess. She was born to Asteria (of the stars) and Perses (of destruction). Her offspring include the plant nymphs and the Nemean Lion. Hecate is also associated with the crossroads, which are traditionally seen as a place where the worlds of the living and the dead meet.

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Honor Hecate daily with jewelry in her name, enchant it with a prayer for protection.

What crystals are associated with Hecate?

The sort of crystals you would associate with Hecate include black tourmaline,  onyx, hematite, and obsidian. These crystals are all grounding stones that can help us to connect with the Earth. They can also protect us from negative energy and help us to release our fears.

If you're looking for a crystal to help you connect with Hecate, black obsidian is a good choice. Not only is it great for protection and releasing fears, but they're a great choice for scrying - a divination method that could help you connect with Hecate more.

What zodiac sign is associated with Hecate?

With Hecate it has to be Scorpio and Capricorn energy. Scorpio/Plutonian signs are all about power, transformation, and death. Hecate also has a strong connection with the planet Saturn which rules Capricorn. This planet is all about boundaries, structure, and discipline. It can also help us to let go of what is no longer serving us, so we move forward to meet our goals.

How to incorporate Hecate energy in your secular witch life

-Learn about her story and myths

-Study her symbols and their meanings

-Meditate on her energy and what it feels like to you

-Maintain a garden of herbs, plants and poisons for your own knowledge

-Write down your dreams and visions (she is known as a Goddess of prophecy)

-Use crossroads in your spellwork

-Work with her animal spirits in a protective way, such as the black cat, dog, or owl. You could donate to charities, walk the animals or take in wildlife to spot them.

How to connect with Hecate as a goddess in your practice


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-Honor her daily with jewelry in her name, enchant it with a prayer for protection

-Celebrate Hecate's Night on August 13th/November 30th (or the new moon closest to those dates)

-Call her by her name, aloud, and with specific boundaries and intentions

-Dedicate a garden space to her for plants aligned to her (such as hemlock, deadly nightshade, belladonna)

-Make an offering to her at a crossroads (such as leaving flowers or food)

-Make an altar to her with her symbols, or her keys, or her statue

-Work with a specific tarot or oracle deck just for Hecate

-Light a candle, lamp/torch or burn incense in her honor

Hecate is a powerful goddess with many facets to her. I hope you've enjoyed learning about the rich history, symbolism, and enchanting ways to work with her. Leave me a comment below if you have any questions or thoughts. And, as always, thank you for reading! Until next time xox


Autumn Vaughn

Thank you for this information! I always love reading about this intriguing Goddess. I have been called by her now twice to work with her. The first time I was too afraid because I have not been too long out of the Christian faith. My views have completely changed about Christianity and have studied her for a while now I hear her call me again, and this time I intend to work with us, mysterious protective goddess !! Hail Hecate!!!

Denese Burnham

To the blessedbemagick.com owner, Your posts are always well received by the community.


Thank you for this lovely article regarding Hekate. She has been my deity goddess for quite some time now, and I always enjoy reading and learning new things about her.
I can’t begin to talk about all the ways that she has helped me over the years. She has been my true strength, and I will always be grateful that I am blessed to have been chosen by her to be watched over.


I love this info session about her! I did learn some new things about her and I appreciate this new knowledge. She woke me up yesterday morning early, and she knows I hate morning times (LOL) I think she did it mess with her. I have a lot of stuff dedicated to her and I know she is always with me. She lets me know when she thinks that someone is not good for me. I know she is very protective over the people she chooses to interact with because she has told me and she has shown. I am forever grateful for her and I know that she appreciates it too! Thank you <3 blessed be


I had my 1st encounter with Hecate, when an evil witch tried to put a hex on me. I heard the name Hecate loud and clear in my ear. I decided to do so much needed research on her. Instead of her working against me ( the evil witch tried to use her for evil) she protected me. I incorporate Hecate into my life as a beautiful Goddess who is my protector. Thank you Hecate for always keeping me safe 🌬🧙‍♀️🌠🌌🌝🌞🌎🌛🌟🌜

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