How to Use the Hecate's Wheel Symbol

How to Use the Hecate's Wheel Symbol

This is part 2 in our Hecate's Wheel Series. For Part 1 on the Goddess Hecate, see here.

Talismans and amulets are one of my favorite ways to protect myself magickally. A talisman is an object that is imbued with the power to help the wearer achieve a specific goal. An amulet is similar, but it is worn to ward off negative influences or bad luck. Hecate's Wheel is a talisman symbol that has been used since ancient times for protection and guidance.

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The symbol of Hecate's Wheel is a six-spoked wheel, also known as Strophalos of Hecate. It is often seen in artwork depicting Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, the crossroads, and spirits.

In modern use, you’ll see that this symbol is enjoyed by those in Wicca, Neopagan communities and even in cultural artwork. Dua Lipa featured Hecate’s Wheel often in her music video for “Levitating”. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the “Witch Queen” talks about her powers to labyrinthine the madness and confusion for the main character, leading him to have false confidence and false security. 

What does Hecate's Wheel symbolize?


Hecate's Wheel Ring


The six spokes on the wheel represent the six directions: north, south, east, west, up, and down. The center of the wheel is often left blank, symbolizing the void or the unknowable. This is fitting, as Hecate is often associated with darkness and the shadows.

First discovered on curse tablets dated from 5th Century BCE, Hecate's Wheel is a powerful symbol that has been used for centuries by witches. It is often seen as a good luck talisman and is thought to offer protection, blessings, and guidance.

Hecate herself is a goddess who represents the dark aspects of life, such as transformation, and the underworld.

Her wheel is a representation of these things and can offer insight into our own lives. The strophalos is traditionally a spinning tool, one that with use “from the aether by means of secret iynges, you lead them earthward”, suggesting that the use of this symbol, this tool, is one that can be used to manifest something from one realm to this earthly, physical one.

When we see Hecate's Wheel, it can be a reminder that life is full of ups and downs. We all go through difficult times, but we also have the potential for great transformation. If we are open to it, Hecate can guide us through these changes. Her wheel can also offer protection against negative energy, and help us to focus on our goals. How she can guide us is by showing us the way when we need it most.

Depicted by keys and crossroads, she is a powerful goddess who can help us to find our way in the dark. When we wear her talisman, we are tapping into her power and inviting her guidance into our lives.

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If you are drawn to Hecate's Wheel, it may be because you are going through a tough time, or because you are ready for some positive changes in your life.

Either way, this powerful symbol can offer guidance and support. Why not take some time to learn more about Hecate and her history? You may be surprised at what you discover. You may find that she has much to teach you about yourself, and about life. 

A way to connect with your spirituality, tangibly

A lovingly simple way to charge your Hecate's wheel talisman is by sitting it upon a satin spar/selenite wand, to cleanse and charge under a full moon. Whilst holding your gorgeous Blessed Be Magick jewelry, envision your intent as silver energy traveling from your nearest crossroads to you, entering the talisman and filling it with a charged light. State your intention out loud three times, and then let the moonlight seal its magick! (If you don't have a selenite wand, no worries! Any type of crystal will do).

Make this more of a beautiful ritual with your favorite greek themed poetry (I enjoy Nikita Gill's "Great Goddesses" but I'd also love to hear your recommendations!), drink some Greek Mountain tea or mint & sage relating to Hecate, and let the goddess guide you.

Light a candle in her honor, and feel free to intuitively draw, sketch or doodle your talisman in your vision of another realm where you infuse it with more protective, benevolent energy.

Thank you for reading! I hope this article has been helpful. Please feel free to share your own experiences with Hecate's wheel in the comments below, any recommendations, and your favorite ways to connect with the goddess. Have you used our jewelry as a talisman? What did it mean for you? I would love to hear from you! Until next time, take care xox



I’m really grateful and happy for my Hecate wheel ring, I always been drawn to the Dark Mother and this ring is a symbol of everything she stands for in my life, she is the keeper of the crossroads and holds the key to find our own true self and path of destiny through the darkness where we emerge into the light.


Thank you. It is funny, you always get what you need, when you need it. I have a stature of Hecate. I have always been drawn to her, not always knowing way. You helped “a light bulb” turn back on, thank you. Blessings to you. So Mote it Be!

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