Lilith the Wild Woman Archetype

Lilith the Wild Woman Archetype

This is Part 2 in our Lilith Series. Read Part 1 - The History & Myths of Lilith here. 

As women, we all have a wild woman archetype inside of us. She is the part of us that is untamed, instinctual, and passionate. This archetype can be incredibly powerful, but often we suppress her in favor of societal norms. Let's explore the wild woman archetype and discuss how to embrace her power in our lives. We must also discuss the importance of setting boundaries and honoring our own needs and desires.

Historically, Lilith is the wild woman archetype, a symbol of independence, freedom and a fierce feminist. Demonised across historic accounts and religious texts, her only crimes are wanting a safe space, to be seen as an equal, and for the freedom of choice. 

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Do you ever feel like you're too "much" for this world, or that your emotions are so strong that you might explode? That there's a side of you that society tells you to repress and ignore? If so, then you may be resonating with the wild woman archetype. This archetype is all about embracing the wild within us – our passion, our power, and our primal nature. She is untamed, instinctual, and fiercely independent. And Lilith can show us how she can help us live more authentic lives.

Strength of Magick

Being connected to our inner wisdom and our witchcraft intuition is a magickal practice that is beyond special.  It is a gateway to connecting with our wild woman archetype, and Lilith can be a powerful guide on this path. By embracing passionate magick instead of repressing it, we can attain more clarity and open ourselves up to deeper self-knowledge. 

Invoke Lilith's energy when working with sex magick, when working with confidence spells, and when we are on our journey of self-discovery. Call upon her for aid with manifestation, for transitions and for when in a time of transformation and remember one key piece of advice from her: Be your own high priestess and your own authority in your magick.

Strength of Passion

When we repress our own wants and needs, it is impossible to be authentic. We can learn from Lilith to trust ourselves, listen to our inner voice, and follow where it leads. Honoring our passions and desires isn't discrediting all our other responsibilities either. 

Dynamic strength is often confused with aggressiveness or being "too assertive" but the wild woman archetype is about finding a balance in your passion. You are powerful enough to express yourself for what you want and stand up for what you believe in but also remain compassionate enough to listen to others and find common ground from an empowered point of view. Dynamic strength is neither aggressive nor passive – it's something between, which you can express your needs without overpowering those of other important people in the process.

Strength of Choice

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Lilith, and the wild woman archetype, can teach us to accept who we are and to trust our instinctual nature. By embracing her teachings, we can live more authentic lives filled with passion and joy. We must remember that it is to choose, and follow our own paths. We must constantly unlearn and relearn parts of ourselves we closed the doors on, remembering who we are before the world told us who we were.

It is important to remember that while Lilith embodies the wildness within us, it is essential to set boundaries with ourselves and others. We must be mindful of how we use our energy and remember to honor our needs. Once we have established clear boundaries for ourselves, remember that Lilith can help us trust in our own power and stand firmly in our decisions. 

Be so strong in your convictions and choices that you terrify the patriarchy that tries to make you small.


If you'd like some inspiration on how to rewild yourself, after a period of time where you have been feeling somewhat dormant, why not give these tips a try?

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  • Start by feeling and sitting with everything you are feeling. This means really leaning into the emotions you are feeling and understanding their source. This could involve engaging in activities such as journaling, meditation and yoga. Connect with nature. There is something so powerful about connecting with the natural world. Go for a walk in nature, sit next to a tree, or just look up at the stars – any activity to help you focus on unpicking what is going on with you, away from social media or screens as a distraction.

  • Stop seeking and permitting outside validation. That's not to say you do not give a damn about people's opinions of you, which can be hard to shake for many, but remembering those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter. Prevent giving people permission to share their opinion about you. Honour privacy and working in isolation if you need to, but you are not here to people please or to honour other people's expectations of you that you did not commit to.

  • Follow what lights you up unashamedly. Go on that trip you've wanted to all your life, even if it's solo. Take a class or start that hobby which really excites you. Your passions will naturally propel you to a happier life, so make an honest assessment of your life and find where you can let go in some areas to make space for this invigorating energy that you deserve to explore.

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  • Connect with nature, the cycles of the earth and universal energy. This means working with the seasons in new, focused ways - such as winter meditations or dancing with the Sun. It means nurturing plants more than your social media feed. It's learning the language of the world around you, even in cities or places you feel haven't got much greenery. It means appreciating the power of being outside and connecting with the spirit of nature. 

  • Connect with the natural rhythms of your own energy. Notice the patterns that you are being called towards. Let yourself be wild and free. This isn’t about suppressing emotions, avoiding serious issues or numbing ourselves, but instead cultivating a sense of safety and security within us so we can fully express our authentic selves without fear or judgement. Being wild doesn't mean not having boundaries, it simply means being in touch with our emotions and expressing them in a way that is respectful and honouring of ourselves.

If you are looking for more resources or inspiration, there is a variety of content available online to assist you in connecting with the wildness within. Here are some suggestions: 

- Read books about Lilith and her story (such as “I am Lilith” by Melanie Dufty which was simply brilliant)

- Attend local workshops on rewilding and reconnecting with nature 

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- Follow encouraging accounts on social media to help you stay connected to the wildness within 

- Connect with like-minded individuals and groups in your local area who are actively engaging in activities such as hiking, camping, environmental care or foraging 

- Listen to podcasts about rewilding and reconnecting with nature, as well as supporting podcasts who break down the psychology of Lilith

- Watch documentaries about different cultures and practices around the world who have a deep connection to the natural environment. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this piece, I hope you can take away something that can help you on your journey of rewilding. I hope that this information helps you find your own way back to connecting with the wildness within. Best of luck on your journey! Until next time xox

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Thank you for this. We are in need of women standing up for being complete human beings. We must begin to support each other and act, and vote, together. Only when we are fully equal can we stand together with males as just one human race. Blessed Be.

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