Yule Rituals & A Spell for Today's Witch

Yule Rituals & A Spell for Today's Witch

Yule Origins

Yule marks Winter Solstice (Dec 20-23), the longest night of the year and the sun’s return to the sky. The winter solstice has long been celebrated in many cultures. Ancient Romans honored Saturn with a festival called Saturnalia, while the ancient Celts lit bonfires and decorated their homes with greenery to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Yule is a time of renewal, reflection, and rebirth - everything that's dark and cold will pass away, as new growth returns with the coming spring. Yule traditions often involve decorating your home or gathering with friends and family to exchange gifts and share stories around a warm fire. Other activities may include lighting candles to invite luck into your New Year, making wreaths from evergreen boughs for protection, baking treats for loved ones (or yourself!), or divining what surprises are yet to come in the coming year.

Blessed Be Magick Yule Gifts

Yule is a time to decorate with evergreens, holly, and ivy. Light candles and welcome in the sun’s return. There are many traditions you can bring into your holiday celebration. You could make a Yule log, share gifts, or even bake special treats like cakes and cookies.

No matter what you do for Yule, it's important to take time for yourself; reconnect with Nature and practice introspection. Enjoy the company of friends and family as we celebrate this magical witches holiday! No matter what type of activities you choose to celebrate Yule, the spirit of this time of year is one of hope and renewal. We can all take this opportunity to pause and reflect on what we have experienced in the past year, and look forward to brighter days ahead. Happy Yule!

Yule Ideas to Celebrate

Blessed Be Magick - Triple Goddess Gemstone Ring for Yule

  • Charge your jewelry, your crystals and some moon water in the Solstice Sun. Spend the holiday season with your loved ones if you wish to, but taking time throughout the day to spend alone and "solstice sunbathe" to rejuvenate yourself, as it's a hard time of year for so many.
  • Create a Yule playlist to listen to when you want to get in the festive spirit. There are a variety of songs from different eras, cultures, and genres that are perfect for celebrating Yule. From classics "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" to modern tunes like Fleet Foxes "White Winter Hymnal" and Florence + The Machines cover of "Last Christmas" you'll be sure to find something that fits your taste.
  • Put together a Yule feast to share with your chosen family and friends. Traditional dishes range from roasted meats, to hearty soups and stews, pies, cakes, cookies and more. Not only is it a great way to celebrate the holidays but also a lovely opportunity to bond over good food and conversation. With Yule happening at a certain time of year, there may be correspondences, but in our current economic climate it's a lovely break
  • Golden candles decorated and adorned for candle fire magick are an integral part of Yule. Carve and inscribe your own candles with the symbols, wishes and intentions you want to manifest in the coming year. Placed around your home or altar they will burn bright through the darkest winter nights while you revel in sacred firelight.
  • Don't forget a Yule log for your fireplace! It is said that burning a Yule log during the Winter Solstice brings good luck for the coming year. You can also use it as the centerpiece to your holiday décor and adorn it with evergreen boughs, ribbons, holly or mistletoe. No matter how you choose to celebrate Yule this season, may peace an-d joy fill your heart. Don't wanna craft? More of a Kitchen witch? A french style "buche de noel" may be a perfect swap for you.
  • Pre-solstice bath ritual with cinnamon sticks, slices of orange and rosemary. Fill the bath with hot water and let the natural aromas of these ingredients fill your beloved space while you get ready to celebrate Yule. It can be a great way to also see in the New Year at midnight too!
  • Give to those in need. Charity and generosity are key practices during this special time of year. Consider donating to a local food bank or making donations to causes that you believe in. Yule is a great time for giving. And of course we will always recommend our jewelry for gifts to loved ones! You can see our customers' favorites here.

    Finally, take some time for yourself and practice self-care. Yule is a great chance to reflect on the year before and set intentions for the coming new one, especially boundary building. Enjoy some quiet time, make lists for the future, and practice gratitude for all that you have.

    Yule Tarot Ritual "Generosity & Spirit"

    Create a peanut butter and wild seed bird feeder to hang outside your window. Connect to the energies of generosity, strength and spirit as you craft this Yule spell then turn inwards with your favorite tarot deck.

    Yule Tarot Spell

    Cleanse your space and start the spell by holding your tarot deck, then call aloud:

    "Blessings of the divine, Gifts from the season sublime. I call forth these powers of three: Generosity, Strength & Spirit be with me!"

    • Place the Six of Cups in sight nearby whilst you create this lovely gift for nature, to boost the theme of kindness.
    • Fill a small bowl or cup with bird seed mix, some unsalted peanut butter and wild seeds (sunflower/pumpkin). Place it on top of a pinecone or recycle a toilet paper roll,- and surround it with five white taper candles burned one-by-one in a clockwise direction around the feeder. As each candle is lit, recite the accompanying chant that follows: "As I light this flame, blessings be, generosity and spirit come to me. My heart is open, free and bright; I call forth the energy of divine light."
    • Once all the candles are lit meditate on the energies of generosity and spiritual strength until they fill your soul with love.
    • Next gather your tarot deck, shuffle, then find The Sun. The card on top of it is something you can look back on fondly for the year, and leave it setting in the past. The card below of The Sun is what is rising for you in the new year ahead.
    • When you're done, hang up your bird feeder in a spot that gets plenty of sun and enjoy watching nature in action as birds gather around it. As they do so, know that you are connected to the same energies that drew them there - generosity, strength & spirit!

    May these Yule blessings bring joy to your life! May peace, joy and love fill your heart this holiday season. Wishing you a very merry Yule from all of us at Blessed Be Magick!

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